Get insurance that's right for you!

At MiWay, we don’t just insure things. We protect what those things mean to you now - and what they will mean to you in the future.

We believe that technology and innovation have infinite power when it's inspired by you. This is why we focus on your needs, finding new ways to simplify your life and how you do things.

We give you products, services and solutions that enable you to live and enjoy life on your own terms – in your own way.

MiWay enables you to:

  • Choose the type of insurance cover that suits your needs and your pocket, simple to understand, without the fine-print
  • Decide your preferred way to interact with us – via our call centre or online: 24/7/365
  • Experience a hassle-free and efficient claims process
  • Choose flexible excesses

Still not convinced? Here are some more ways you can live your way by insuring with MiWay:

  • Compare multiple car and home insurance quotes
  • View all of your quotes in one basket (available from MiXpress)
  • Buy your insurance online and save!
  • Update your details and amend your policy without speaking to an agent over the phone
  • View your insured items, download documents and view account history from your insurance profile
  • Submit your claims online

* Premiums are risk profile dependent and increase annually, taking economic factors into account.