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MiWay and the fake email: our reasons for not taking legal action

This saga exploded ten days ago as a story of a fake racist email (that caused untold hurt and anger among all concerned citizens, but more so among Black citizens) that eventually developed into a story of forgiveness, hope and reconciliation. It also led to massive personal growth for me and many of my colleagues. The easy part of the dilemma was to catch the perpetrator. The harder part was the decision on what steps to take next. The easiest option would have been to simply take legal actio

Fake MiWay mail author apologises

The author of the social media post purported to show a racist and offensive mail written by a MiWay staff member, has apologised. The writer of the post, former MiWay client Mr. Mondli Madlala, was identified in an independent forensic investigation into the incident. After having a claim legitimately rejected by MiWay and subsequently by the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance, he used a MiWay mail to generate a false and defamatory mail containing racist remarks and making false allegations a

Independent forensic audit proves offensive mail is fake

Independent forensic auditors, Cyanre - The Digital Forensic Lab, have concluded that a racist and offensive email alleged to have originated from a MiWay staff member is a fake. MiWay launched an immediate investigation into the incident when a social media post emerged last week, purported to be a snapshot of an internal email containing racist remarks and making false allegations about MiWay's claims handling policies. MiWay CEO, René Otto said, "We have received the full report from

Social media outrage: ENCA interview

MiWay's CEO, René Otto, responds to the doctored email which has caused outrage on social media. Watch the interview on ENCA.

Social media outrage: radio interviews

MiWay's CEO, René Otto, has been interviewed by various radio stations in light of the social media backlash which broke on 20 July 2017. Radio 702 (26 July 2017): Touch HD Online Radio (21 July 2017): Radio 702 / CapeTalk (20 July 2017): PowerFM (20 July 2017): CapeTalk (20 July 2017): Capricorn FM (20 July 2017):

MiWay: Fake social media post investigated

Leading short-term insurer MiWay has investigated the origins of a snap shot of a supposed email sent from a MiWay employee, circulating on social media. MiWay can categorically confirm that the email is fake. MiWay CEO, René Otto said: "MiWay is a proudly South African company committed to diversity and transparency. We have been made aware of a racist email purported to have been written and sent by a member of staff. An urgent investigation was launched and we can confirm that the

Roles you didn't expect to take on as a landlord

With the rising price of property and the ever-increasing demand for space in South Africa's major cities, the prospect of becoming a landlord can be a financially enticing one - especially considering the comfort of an additional income or a property investment paying itself off from the monthly rent. Now that's a benefit everyone would love to enjoy! But while it might offer up its share of financial rewards, the term 'passive income' is perhaps a somewhat ambitious way to describe this respo

Theft at a car wash: it's a real thing

Car theft comes as no surprise to South Africans; it's one of the reasons we have car insurance. You're probably aware of hijacking and remote jamming, but have you heard of theft from a car wash? Over the last year, theft at a car wash has become an increasingly popular trend. Capitalising on unattended vehicles whose drivers have leave their cars at the washbay while they attend to other errands, criminals falsely identify themselves as the owner of the vehicle - and drive off in plain sigh

Rev up at TruckX and FleetX!

Action packed and adrenalin filled, this year's TruckX and FleetX event is being held at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit from 12-13 July. With a wealth of information, insights and excitement for transport operators, fleet managers, logistics providers and anyone with an interest in efficient mobility, the two-day event promises action and adrenalin with a high-octane line up both on and off the circuit. Day One will focus on heavy commercial transport (TruckX), while Day Two will be dedicated

Don't buy a second-hand car seat without reading these guidelines!

Since 1 May 2015, South African law states that all children under three-years-old need to be strapped into a car seat when travelling in a car. However, the choice of car seats on the market can be overwhelming - never mind expensive! You may decide that going the second-hand route is the better choice for you (and your wallet). But how safe is it to buy a second-hand car seat? Buying a second-hand car seat isn't as straightforward as buying a new car seat, but if you do your research, ask the

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