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Time to clean up your insurance

Now that spring has sprung, we're almost certain that you've switched up your closet to match the season. Spring cleaning is something many South Africans still practice, without fail. Not only are you making the time to clear up your space, but you're also finding useful things you probably forgot you had. Why not do the same with your insurance? Reviewing your insurance policy should be an annual activity to ensure that your policy information and cover is still in order. This spring, we're h

Tips for trucking owner-drivers looking to make more moolah

Challenges such as long working hours and low salaries for skilled truck drivers in South Africa, mean that the country is unable to recruit the thousands of new professional truck drivers it requires every year. Demand for skilled drivers is at its peak, leaving prime opportunities for economic and entrepreneurial success. We know that the road to riches may be a tricky one given the high upfront costs and ample risks and hazards, but it can definitely be worth the while for those willing to g

3 steps to rain proofing your home for the summer

With the days getting longer and warmer, very soon the spring fever will be making way for the summer rains. As soothing as the summer rains can be, they can leave you drenched in problems if your home is not ready. Having home insurance in place is a good start to ensuring your home is covered for the storms, but a little housekeeping and maintenance won't hurt to keep your home in a good condition. We've put together these tips to get you started on rain proofing your home for the rainy seaso

5 things to do after your home has been broken into

Spring has sprung and the days are getting longer. The warmer weather means more outdoor fun and less time at home. As exciting as this may sound, it doesn't go without risks - a vacant home is an easy target for thieves. The last thing you want after a good day out with loved ones is to discover that your home has been broken into, the shock and financial loss is enough to cripple you and leave you feeling helpless. Should you find yourself a victim of a break in, consider these tips to help y

What happens if I fill my car with the wrong fuel?

Imagine that the next time you pop by the filling station to fill up your tank, you get distracted and the attendant assumes your petrol car should be filled with diesel… These things do happen; many car owners have found themselves in situations where their cars have been misfueled. You could be thinking, "it's not so bad, I'll drive it out and fill up with the correct fuel next time." However, if your car gets filled with the wrong fuel, it could cause irreversible damage to your car,

Don't just accept the value of your car on face value.

When buying a car, one of the first and most important things you look at is the value or worth - can you afford to incur the cost of your new set of wheels? The next step would be getting your car insured, and again the value of your car will come into question. This underlines the importance of understanding the value of your car - not just when buying or selling it, but also when insuring it. The replacement value should be agreed upon to establish what monthly premiums should be - in order

Is your tracking company tracking you correctly?

If you have been quoted for car insurance, you may have encountered the famous question about a tracking device. Often, insurance companies may require a tracking device to be installed in your vehicle in order to provide you with adequate cover for theft. With the latest technology, tracking devices have not only a risk management tool, but can even provide an emergency alert to your insurer in the case of an accident. We've put together some pointers to consider when choosing a tracking compa

Car insurance - do I really need it?

Buying a car can be an exciting process - whether it's your first, second or third - there is always something to look forward to. The last thing one wants is to have that excitement shattered by the loss or damage of your new wheels. This is where car insurance comes in, after spending thousands of rands on the purchase of a car, you will need the security that comes with being covered, should disaster strike. Not only is it a requirement to have insurance cover for your car before driving it

7 safety tips for women driving alone

The common question of who is that safest on the roads is one that is always argued over. In most cases, it is posed with driver behaviour in mind and not so much with the consideration of vulnerability of lurking dangers. Various statistics could indicate that women are safer on the road as they are less likely to be in road accidents, however they are more susceptible to be preyed on - especially when driving alone. With all these hazards on the road - carjacking, abductions, preying criminal

Multitasking: not something to do behind the wheel

Women are known for having strong multitasking abilities. However, while multitasking can save time, it can sometimes lead to mistakes, especially when done behind the wheel. Not only is this dangerous, it could also be fatal. Think about it - how often have you found yourself texting on the way to the next play date, eating, rubbernecking, applying make-up, fixing the kids' hair or fishing for things at the bottom of your purse while driving? Not being totally focused on the road and drivers

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