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How Tyres Improve Your Car's Handling and Performance

It's not uncommon to see cars whizzing by on the road decked out with big, formidable-looking wheels. Even smaller sports cars have tyres that wouldn't be out of place on a 4x4. Although they look pretty awesome, there's actually a non-aesthetic reason why tyres are getting bigger, thicker and more expensive - they aid in taking a car's performance and handling from good to amazing! Sure, you may not be able to afford the kind of tyres that are most commonly seen on luxury 4x4s and nifty little

What You Need to Know about Tyre Repair Kits

There are a wide variety of tyre repair kits available on the market today, many of which make it possible for you to go the DIY route and mend your tyre without having to worry about calling anyone for assistance. The question is, how do you actually go about doing this? And what type of tyre repair kit is your best bet? We investigate below. There are two main types of tyre repair kits, namely pre-puncture sealants and post-puncture sealants. Ultimately, the pre-puncture sealant is used in

Service Hero: Henry Shongwe

We're so proud of our October 2015 Service Hero, Henry Shongwe - and we want to brag about him! "Service Heroes" is a platform to recognise those customer services agents who have flown the MiWay flag high and received fantastic compliments on HelloPeter.com. This month's Service Hero, Henry Shongwe, tells us more about himself: 1. Which department do you represent and what role do you play in keeping our clients happy? I represent Client Services - under the Retentions department - where we at

How to Handle a Tyre Blowout

Collisions, rolling and flipping are just a few of the worst-case scenarios that a driver might face in the event of a tyre blow-out. The truth is that South African drivers need to be prepared for anything - and pay attention to the road at all times - especially when tasked with driving on varying degrees of road types. Worn tyres, potholes and foreign objects that litter the roads are enough to cause your tyre to blow, resulting in a terrifying experience that can only be controlled for thos

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bleeding your Brake Fluid

It is very important to bleed your brakes (also known as 'flushing your brake fluid') at least every two to three years, or when you feel that your brake pedal is not offering enough resistance underfoot. Remember, if you're in doubt, rather consult a mechanic and ensure that your brakes actually need to be bled. The fluid in your braking system is crucial to the transfer of force from the master cylinder to the corners of the car where braking is required. When your brake fluid is not in optim

Change is Critical to Business

MiWay's Claims General Manager, Franna Benade, shares his thoughts on "Change". In today's fast-paced life, the one thing in business that is constant is change. Change is needed in business to keep ahead of the competition or to continue to have the competitive edge. Businesses start to stagnate when change disappears. It is therefore critically important that change be managed efficiently. Managers on all levels should own the skill of managing change proactively. Due to people being affected

Early Warning Signs that You Have an Oil Leak

The most common and obvious symptom of an oil leak is the presence of a puddle beneath your vehicle that forms whilst the car is parked. However, while most people might automatically assume that the leak in question is an oil leak, the fact of the matter is that there are actually over six different types of fluid that may be leaking - oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid, to name a few. Read on to learn how to tell the difference and how to look out for warni

The Causes of Oil Leaks and How to Fix Them

Have you ever reversed out of your driveway or a parking spot and seen horrible, unsightly oil stains settling themselves in for a long, stubborn stay? Aside from being an inconvenience, oil leaks are a very worrisome problem for a car owner, especially if you understand the gravity of this fault in the first place. Ignoring an oil leak can lead to more grievous car problems, such as a damaged engine, premature degradation of parts and, most frightening of all, a fire in your engine that could

Is it Time to Replace your Windscreen Wiper Blades?

The rainy season is upon us - are your windscreen wiper blades ready? Have them replaced at least every 6 months to stay safe or as soon as you're experiencing any of the following: A clean windscreen is essential when it comes to ensuring optimal safety on the roads. Click here to watch our video for a simple step-by-step guide to topping up your windscreen washer fluid.

How to Submit a Car Claim using the MiWay App

This tutorial refers to a previous version of our App. Click here to find out more about our current MiWay App. Getting into a car accident is something that most of us don't want to think about, but sadly it is a risk that every driver on the road faces every day. No matter how minor the accident, most people are caught off-guard, frightened, or unprepared. It is for this reason that we designed our easy-to-use App to take the hassle out of claiming and to help our clients gather all the neces

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