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The Transformation of the Public Transport System in SA: The Gautrain

As one of the leading motor insurance companies in the country, MiWay has been privileged enough to watch the public transport system in South Africa continue to change, grow and expand. However, very few projects have made as big an impact as the Gautrain. The Gautrain completely transformed the public transport system, providing citizens and tourists with a safe, reliable and convenient alternative to the other transport options are available in the country. Let us take a look at the process

Public Transport in South Africa: What Needs to Change?

Since 1990, South Africa's public transport system has repeatedly come under fire for a lack of commuter infrastructure. While there are a handful of gaps within our existing transport system, the necessary building blocks do exist. However, to reach the goal of a more efficient and reliable transport system, a significant change needs to take place. With more than 15 million people who rely on public transport on a daily basis, South Africa is in need of a viable and sustainable transportation

The Reasons for Motor Car Dependence in South Africa

It is estimated that there are 52. 98 million people in South Africa and, out of this massive population, an estimated 9 797 413 people own legally-registered vehicles. 14 million South African citizens make use of minibus taxis, and the rest of the population is recorded as using interspersed means of passenger and public transport. When taking a look at South Africa's population demographics, it is difficult to believe that there is at all a dependence on motor vehicles when the majority of th

How Motor Cars Have Impacted our Lives

Aside from other lifestyle-revolutionising inventions, the motor car has been perhaps one of the most important inventions in all of human history. The growth of the automobile spiked a huge economic revolution around the world, attributed both to the industry itself and the positive impact that personal transportation has had on the commercial and retail sectors. Let's take a look at how motor cars have impacted our lives: As individuals: Convenience and lifestyle: Do you want that lucrative

The History of the Motor Car Industry in SA

The motor car industry has grown on a global scale over the years, with many different branches: ranging from car manufacturers and panel beaters to car insurance providers and mechanics coming into being. But what about locally, in South Africa? Let us take a brief look at the history of the motor car industry in SA. South Africa was actually quite quick to jump on the proverbial bandwagon with regards to the motor car 'boom' that occurred in the 20th century. In fact, by the 1920s, the first l

Hybrids: The Future of Transport

With the rising cost of fuel and a more prominent movement of environmental consciousness, there has been a stronger interest and investment into the invention and improvement of hybrid motor vehicle technology. Hybrid motor vehicles have been designed to have a lower impact on the environment due to their lower carbon emissions, and are also more cost-effective with regards to fuel consumption. How do hybrid vehicles work? With a normal petrol vehicle, the fuel tank supplies petrol to the engi

How the Motor Industry Contributes to South Africa's Economy

Many of us drive our vehicles to and from work every day, and often embark on long holiday road trips from one point of South Africa to another. However, do you ever think of how your vehicle purchase contributes to the local economy? If you haven't thought about it before, every cent that goes into the purchase, running and maintenance of your vehicle is somehow fed back into the economy. From fuel costs to car insurance premiums, the motor industry has many sectors that funnel into the econom

How to decorate your caravan in easy 7 steps

Who says your caravan has to be boring or generic? Decorating your caravan is a great opportunity to personalise your space so that it may truly be your home on wheels. If you want to breathe new life into your caravan's decor, try improving it with these helpful tips. Step 1: Fix things first Give your caravan a serious clean, repair any leaks and carry out any interior and exterior repairs. This will give you a good canvas to base your styling on. Step 2: Find your inspiration Your home-a

The Evolution of the Motor Car

Since the days of horse-drawn carriages and steam-powered vehicles, the motor car has certainly come a long way. With "self-drive" vehicles set to hit the market by the year 2020, it would seem that the motor car is continuously reaching new heights. Here is a brief breakdown of the evolution of the motor car. The Very First Car The world's first motor car came into existence way back in 1769 when Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, a French inventor, put together a steam-powered vehicle. The design was very

South Africa's favourite car brands

Before you start thinking about car insurance and paying off your instalments, you first need to decide which car is right for you. One way of doing so is to investigate which car brands are the most popular both locally and internationally… Here is a short break down of a couple of South Africa's favourite including SUVs, passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, family cars, luxury cars and sports cars. South Africa's Favourite SUVs Toyota reigns supreme when it comes to the most trusted S

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