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5 Safety Tips for Female Drivers

August is Women’s Month and, as such, we’re paying extra special attention to helping our ladies stay safe on the road.

The Importance of Humour in the Workplace

We chatted to the bubbly Mari Schourie, CEO of XtraSpace FlexiOffice T/A The Workspace, who is responsible for the development and growth of the coworking and serviced office business. Mari has 17 years’ in-depth experience in this industry – her experience includes the management of commercial properties and providing business strategies to companies.

5 Successful business women share their secrets

Over the course of a year, we have outlined how women who have taken their own personal paths to establishing their own businesses, achieve optimal life and work balance and take charge of their own destinies. From ‘intrapreneurs’, to those who have engineered a complete change of career, and those who have repackaged existing skills in new ways, South African women are showing that success is a choice. You too, can make the move!

Tackling roadside emergencies in 4 easy ways

For many people, long weekends mean a road trip is in order - whether you’re visiting loved ones or going away with loved ones for a quick break.

3 Secret Ingredients to Nailing It in The Beauty Industry

Monica Haralambous, the owner of Sorbet Lonehill, believes that ‘When one door closes, another opens’.

3 Mistakes that Could Sink your Yellow Metal Business

Small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) are the backbone of economy. With an increased focus from government in driving support for emerging SMMEs, there are big opportunities for emerging businesspeople to apply their entrepreneurial ability in the construction, earthmoving and related industries.

7 Steps to Gaining Financial Freedom

With the increasing cost of living and a culture characterised by poor saving habits, exercising smart financial habits from an early age has become more and more important. For young people, stepping into the world of ‘adulting’ can be a big shock, with low salaries and growing responsibilities. The need for early financial planning is a necessity; and the good news is, it doesn’t have to be a drag!

10 Ways Kids Can Give Back to the Community

It’s an age-old saying that many of us have heard or even used ourselves: “Charity begins at home”. A saying that can be used in different scenarios, it can also be used in reference to your home being a ‘classroom’ for life lessons - like giving back to the community.

5 Reasons Why Investing in the Community is Good for your Business

Besides it being the right thing to do, there are good business reasons for investing time to ‘do good’ – especially in your local community.

6 Easy Steps to Hosting the Ultimate World Cup Viewing

With this winter serving us colder temperatures than expected, being indoors is but the best option – even for social gatherings. And, what better excuse to stay in with some friends than to watch a World Cup game? If your home isn’t already decorated in the spirit of the World Cup, you may want to bring out the flags and balls because we’re getting you ready to host a match session.

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