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5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Get More Done

As an entrepreneur, free time is a rare luxury. There are nearly always tasks to complete and deadlines to meet. Realistically, you probably have between 8 and 12 hours each day to get work done - maybe 14 at a push – and still, there never seems to be enough hours in the day for busy business owners…

5 ways to lower your electricity bill

In South Africa, electricity prices have increased by over 350% since 2004.

Inspiring advice from young South African entrepreneurs

If there’s one thing these young go-getters have in common, it’s a determination to succeed. Here are 4 tips to inspire entrepreneurs, no matter what your age:

6 ways you can prepare for load-shedding

Like power outages, load shedding can be a real pain - especially in the winter time where the evenings are longer and the weather chillier. But, snuggling up indoors doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom...

Two-wheeled deliveries: a win for your business

Using a motorbike (or scooter) to do deliveries for your business may not be something you have contemplated before.

4 ways to stay safe during load shedding

Snuggling up indoors to escape the cold doesn’t sound like a bad idea this season. But, what happens when you find yourself in the dark with no electricity to keep you warm or even safe? Load shedding is a reality many South Africans can’t escape, especially in winter when there is added pressure on supplies.

16 business ideas for teens

When starting a business, everyone wonders whether their companies will succeed. Why not get started while you’re young and have little to nothing to lose?

How to unblock a drain – fast!

Your one-stop guide to DIY drainage.

5 ways to decide which car is right for you

Getting your driver’s license can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time – but it’s an experience many young people look forward to! And, if you’re lucky, your parents may be kind enough to ‘gift’ you with your first set of wheels to celebrate your newly acquired independence.

10 awesome business ideas for under-10s

Teaching kids sound financial habits from an early age gives them an advantage later in life. Some people believe that the age you start your first business impacts how successful you are later in life!

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