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'Home-made' businesses: getting the ingredients right

Whether you are looking for a way to supplement your income or wanting to start a new business to support a lifestyle change, the preparation of baked goods or other food products could be the answer. Why not turn your hobby into a profit and whip up extra income?

Safety with gas heaters (7 tips)

The cold season is upon us! The autumn leaves have fallen and now it’s time for us to bring out the extra blankets, hot-water bottles and heaters to keep us warm.

Goods in transit heists (how to protect your stuff)

In recent weeks, the looting of trucks has caused chaos across the country. A recent incident, over the Freedom Day / Workers’ Day long weekend, saw more than 30 trucks destroyed or damaged - an estimated loss of R250 million.

Not all superheroes wear capes

Because a happy mom means a happy home, here's how MiWay can lend a helping hand to our favourite household heroes.

6 ways to survive the post-holiday blues

In South Africa, we are blessed with many public holidays - some of which turn our weekends into long ones! However, if you feel deflated or demotivated when returning to work after a break - you're not alone! Although business might have been good - especially if you're in retail - be sure to follow our tips below in order to ensure you (and your team) stay productive - motivation is infectious! Highlight the good points of getting back to work. There are plenty of positives about getting bac

Choose the right insurance for your business vehicle

The needs of business owners are all different: the roadside assistance needs of a truck owner are different to those of a fleet owner - and businesses covering shorter distances (like handymen or caterers) face significantly fewer risks than vehicles covering long distances. Essentially, you need to understand what kind of insurance is right for your business vehicles. Here are 8 tips to help you choose the right insurance for your business vehicle: Choose a flat excess. Many insurance comp

MiWay and The Workspace set to help boost entrepreneurs' businesses

The Workspace and MiWay have joined forces to launch an entrepreneurial hub and business development programme at the newly developed Village Road premises in Selby in Johannesburg's central business district. MiWay's presence at Village Road will give members the convenience of having business insurance and a host of other requirements fulfilled at their place of work whenever it suits them. A very exciting competition for SME owners / entrepeneurs, launched in March, where the winner will be

4 benefits of implementing standardised processes for your small business

Whether you call it: Business Process Management, BPM, Standardised Procedures or Standard Operating Procedures - standardising processes within your business boils down to running your business smartly and giving it a competitive edge. Here are 4 benefits of having standardised processes in your business: Cost effectiveness. The biggest benefit of good business process management (BPM) is cost effectiveness. Businesses ultimately need to maximise the efficiency of the costs they incur and th

Chat your way through your insurance

Ever wished for an 'easier' and 'simpler' way of sorting out your insurance - without having to spend your precious airtime? Imagine chatting to an agent in real-time for any insurance queries you may have! Not only do we at MiWay value good service and happy clients, we also understand that time is everything. So, we've taken into consideration your time and desire for a better, simpler insurance experience. We have an online team waiting to chat to you. MiWay has made it possible for you to m

Truck drivers: their health is your wealth

It is well-known that South Africa has some of the worst road-safety statistics in the world. The death or injury of loved ones exacts a high social cost, but accidents also hit the economy hard - business vehicles have to be repaired or replaced and often goods in transit are destroyed or delayed. Many truck drivers on our roads today suffer from sleep deprivation, back and neck problems, poor lifestyle and fitness habits, as well as stress. These problems contribute to drivers being unhealthy

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