Asset cover vs peril cover: What are perils in any case?

Published on: 05 May 2015

Taking up personal insurance cover is pretty straight forward especially when you know what kind of cover you need. However, it does get more complex when it comes to your business.

Getting the right cover for your business needs

When faced with the commercial insurance industry’s standard policy wording, you will find that you are able to cover one item for many types of losses several times over under various policy sections. But how does one know that you have insured the item in the correct manner and that you will have the correct type of cover in place in event of a loss?

MiWay keeps it simple for you  

Why would you choose an insurance product that can lead to confusion and possible gaps in your cover? Would you not want to choose an insurance product that is easy to understand with sections that are all encompassing?

MiWay Business Insurance has combined policy sections into easy to understand segments, doing away with confusing policy wordings but not reducing the cover that is available to you. You are charged fixed excesses which allow you as the business owner to avoid budgeting for unknown excess which could be crippling.

We offer an insurance policy that you can manage, but with the assistance of our call centre or face to face interaction with a field agent if required, to ensure that you have the right cover tailored to your needs. Our technical underwriting process will ensure that the premium you are charged is accurate based on your risk profile. We also understand the reason that you have insurance is so that you can claim following a loss.

Business as usual (even when you claim)

Many innovative features have been included to ensure that a world-class product is offered, specifically to ensure that your business dealings are not halted in event of a claim and that we can assist you for the loss of certain items while we replace them. And even though there are some exposures that are excluded under the standard insurance contract, such as your vehicle breaking down due to a mechanical fault, you are furthermore supported with the offering of services, advice and support to ensure that you are up and running as quickly as possible.

With MiWay Business Insurance you can be assured of tried and tested service excellence, loyalty rewards and product solutions designed specifically for your business. For more benefits of insuring your business with MiWay click here.