MiHelp Roadside Assistance

Accidents and breakdowns do unfortunately happen – despite all precautions. The last thing you need as a business owner is the stress of an unplanned emergency mid-delivery. 

We also understand that some emergencies require specialised attention and care, thus needing human interaction. Should you or your driver find yourself in one of these situations, our MiHelp team should be your first line of contact! 

In the event of operational difficulty or unexpected emergency, you need service that is reliable, fast and efficient.

Call 08 600 767 64 in case of emergency! 

Our MiHelp service advisor will offer you peace of mind by dispatching the appropriate services. We will ensure the safe removal and storage of your vehicle with a MiWay approved repairer. 

We encourage you to ensure that your vehicle is being towed by a MiWay authorised service provider so as to avoid incurring additional costs.

Always consider your own safety, that of your passengers, other road users and that of your vehicle.

When we say live your way, we mean it.

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