Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Car Insurance Claims

Submitting an insurance claim is not exactly something we plan on doing in advance. Accidents and mishaps can happen at any time and are often completely out of our control. With that comes the frequently asked questions by thousands of claimants. The good news is that MiWay has put together a list of common questions asked - and the answers, to better enable you to live your way.

If you have car insurance, you're already better prepared than many to deal with any unexpected loss or damage to your car. Be sure to read these commonly asked questions regarding how the claims process works - and their surprisingly simple answers.

How many car insurance claims can you make in a year?

Simply stated, an insurer can refuse to continue cover for a client if such a client claims too frequently and deems such a client too risky to cover. Your insurance company should notify you of such a decision - also referred to as ‘cancellation of contract due to multiple claims’  – so make sure to open and read any document or correspondence you receive - it could be important!

Why was my car insurance claim rejected?

You may find that the claim you submitted was rejected on the basis that your car "did not meet security requirements", even though your vehicle has a car tracker installed. So why was your claim rejected?

Not all vehicle trackers function the same. While some vehicle trackers are optimised to report upon, and track speed or location, others have more advanced functionality in its ability to track the vehicle. Understanding (and adhering to) the security device requirements outlined in your insurance contract concerning the vehicle tracker is important as this will affect the outcome of your claim.

Why was my car insurance policy cancelled after claiming?

Being honest and forthcoming in the initial set up of your insurance policy - as well as when reporting your insurance claims is vital. "Non-disclosure" - in other words, withholding information or being deceptive (such as trying to get a cheaper premium by saying that the regular driver is someone else in your family) could result in non-payment of a claim and the insurance contract being cancelled. A decision to cancel an insurance policy is not taken lightly by insurance companies, but is sometimes necessary in light of the many fraudulent activities plaguing the insurance industry.

Why is it important to specify the driver of the insured car?

A "regular driver" is someone who drives the insured car most often during a 30 day period. The regular driver must be specified and the his/her profile noted on the contract to the insurer. A claim will not be paid out (and your insurance policy could be voided – in other words, cancelled) if the regular driver noted on your policy changed from the one which was noted (or the incorrect one was noted). 

However, it should be noted that, with MiWay, anyone can drive your car, as long as they don’t drive it more than the specified regular driver, as your car insurance premium is tailored to the risk profile of the specified regular driver.

Insurance claims needn’t be a hassle, nor should they be confusing. The reality is that at some point we may have to report an incident which results in a claim. Understanding the terms and conditions, as well as each specific requirement, about your insurance contract will be a tremendous help when the time comes to claim - whether for car, home insurance or even business insurance. Live your way with MiWay and claim hassle-free!

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