Life Lesson #2: Keep your promises

I was raised to make my word my honour. It simply means you do what you said you were going to do. If you make a promise, you keep it. It also means you don’t lie, and you don’t cover up. Words are important, but actions are more important. If you keep your promises, you have an infinitely better life than when you don’t. You will have a better career. You will have stronger relationships. You will have a better self-image.

Your reputation is your most valuable asset.

How do you build your reputation? By consistently delivering on your promises. By matching your words with the appropriate actions. By being authentic. By being who you say you are.

People who keep their promises build trust and credibility with others. In business and in private life, trust and credibility are two very strong attributes. You can always rely on them. They don’t look for excuses. They do whatever they need to do to deliver. They take accountability.

A quick side comment on excuses: when you make excuses, others stop listening.

If you add “keeping your promises” to “laying a strong foundation”, you are starting to build a formidable reputation. You are adding more substance to your CV. You become even more sought after. But most of all, you become a more rounded individual and a better human being.

Have a great day. I know you will keep your promises...

Stay blessed,
René Otto, CEO: MiWay Insurance Ltd

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