8 ways to earn cash rewards online

With the cost of living constantly on the rise, it’s no surprise that individuals are on the lookout for ways to make extra cash to supplement their income. The great thing is that, with every potential issue there is a possible solution – especially if you prefer doing things online. These days, you don’t have to break much of a sweat to get something. If you are one of those tech savvy individuals who enjoy the pleasure of convenience in doing things online, then why not earn a little something from it?

There are plenty of ways to earn cash rewards online. If you’re tech savvy and pretty much live online, why not try out one of these ideas and start getting paid for doing what you enjoy doing:

  1. Online surveys. Simple and they usually only take a few minutes to complete, there are a number of online surveys that will earn you cash rewards by contributing to the research being done or testing new products. You can also sign up on various platforms to receive alerts for paid surveys when they come around. Try out SurveyCompare, SurveyWell or ValuedOpinions.
  2. Review apps and websites. If you’re always online, plugged into the latest apps and checking out different sites, you may want to earn a little extra from your efforts. You can sign up to be a pro browser and tester for new developments online. This could be fun if you enjoy finding faults and playing around online. Try out!
  3. Search and earn. Yep, you can earn cash for what you are already doing online – surfing the web. You don’t have to change much in your behaviour or do anything that you aren’t already doing. To earn from this, you simply need to install an add-on to your browser to make it all possible – an add-on called Qmee.
  4. Become an influencer. Brands are always on the look-out for individuals with a good presence and influence online. If your social media followers number in the thousands, you are active on social media and believe you have some influence over your followers, find a brand to partner with and start making money from promoting them online to your social circles. Have a look at Webfluential.
  5. Enter competitions. It sounds like effort and doesn’t always come with guaranteed earnings, but there’s no harm in trying your luck – you won’t win if you never enter! There are a number of competitions online that you can enter by simply filling out a form or answering a quick question.
  6. Freelance your services. Do what you love and are great at from anywhere at any time – do some freelance work online and earn extra cash. Whether it’s photography, writing or managing social pages, there are opportunities out there waiting for you to grab them.  Sign up on Upwork to give this a go.
  7. Become a YouTuber. If you have what it takes, you can become a YouTube sensation and earn yourself some cash online. Successful YouTube channels are watched by millions of people every day. So get your content going and upload your videos. There’s also a YouTube partner programme that can fast track your online earning by having adverts on your videos.
  8. Buy your insurance online. With MiWay, you can also earn by doing things online – another way we’re bring you #insurancefreedom! Buy your insurance online and get cash rewards after just 3 months. You’re already enjoying the convenience of doing things online, why earn any other way?

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