Are these the world's worst drivers?

Published on: 29 July 2015

When it comes to driving, there are those who simply cannot get it right. Whether they have difficulty reversing out of a parking space or navigating around a gaping hole, these drivers are the type of drivers we want to avoid, as they pose a threat to the safety of other road users.

We just hope that these drivers have reliable car insurance – and, just to be sure, we hope that you do too! In the event of an accident, the last thing that you want to do is scrape through your savings to mend your vehicle after an incident that sounds like it comes out of an episode of the ‘Darwin Awards’.

The Gaping Hole

We’ve all been there – the terror one feels as you drive into a mechanic’s garage and keep a steady eye on the gaping hole in the floor. Everyone is aware of it - yet this lady somehow managed to manoeuvre her vehicle into a position where one side of her car was planted firmly in the mechanic’s pit.

Watch as the mechanic who attempts (and fails) to guide her into the garage waves his arms wildly in the air, and ultimately has to dodge out of the way!


Cruising through the Mall

Whether this man is drunk or acting on a malicious dare, cruising through that shopping mall was neither smart nor impressive.

Bursting through the glass entrance doors and taking a slow drive through the complex brought about the attention of the security officers who, in an attempt to arrest the driver, were faced with resistance.


Refusing to Pay Toll Fees?

Commuters are familiar with the frustration and rage evoked by the e-Toll system. There are also drivers who are enraged by the interprovincial toll system.

This drunk driver decided that neither her patience nor her wallet was going to deal with the toll gate, resulting in a severely damaged vehicle and – miraculously – just a broken wrist.


Wreck Your House (and your car!)

Apparently, this world is home to people who will prove a point by driving their vehicles into the walls of other people’s houses… twice.

Not only does this driver cause severe damage to the walls and garage doors of the house, but also causes irreparable damage to the vehicle.

We’ve got to ask ourselves – surely, after colliding with a wall once, you don’t decide to go back for more? We’re stumped! 


We hope that we never have the displeasure of driving anywhere close to one of these drivers; however, South African drivers can be unpredictable. If you’re still weaving your way through numerous quotes from insurance companies, give it a rest and contact MiWay for reliable and affordable insurance today.

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