The Story Behind the MiWay eBook

Published on: 26 March 2015

Vehicle insurance can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to understanding the fine print. Annually, South Africans spend thousands of rands to ensure that their vehicles are covered for a number of risks and hazards. However, what happens when a car owner is faced with an incident that causes unnecessary confusion and anxiety?

As a means of bridging the gap of uncertainty and understanding, MiWay decided to create an eBook that would comprehensively explain various elements of what it means to own a car and have car insurance, and the responsibilities that such a contract necessitates. MiWay took a look at their frequently asked questions, the available information on their website and the most common insurance grievances, and, from the findings, decided that an eBook would be the most inclusive manner in which to begin an educational dialogue between the clients and the provider. To ensure that MiWay provides a complete 360 degree client service offering, the eBook can be likened to the last remaining puzzle piece – one that added the finishing touches to the final product.

Entitled ‘A Dummy's Guide to Owning a Car’, the eBook serves as a helpful guide for first-time car owners and previously uninsured motorists. Jam-packed with interesting facts about cars, infographics and important information for car owners, the eBook is the ideal reference for those who are looking for clarity and understanding. Whether someone is searching for an explanation on the policies, conditions and insurance jargon that has been used on their Coversheet, or looking for information on how to lay a claim – the eBook has got it covered!

The Process Explained

What started out as a simple suggestion turned into a two month journey that included two teams – one that wrote and edited the content and another that was responsible for the revision and approval of the product. A few days of intensive research and the team responsible for creating the content began their half of the journey – exploring, writing and compiling the type of information that would answer a myriad of common questions. Once the content was produced and edited, it was passed onto a design team who designed the layout of the eBook and inserted the content into the approved format. After the editorial team revised the product with a fine-tooth comb, it was sent off for approval. During the approval process, the eBook made the rounds to the marketing and legal departments to ensure that all of the necessary content was included and that the branding was correct. The eBook was then given the final thumbs-up and uploaded onto the MiWay blog.

Both interesting and stimulating, the eBook offered a number of writers and editors the opportunity to expand their field of knowledge and contribute to a meaningful project. Not only did the eBook create opportunities for the editorial team, it has also raised the bar when it comes to client-centric content marketing for competing insurance providers.

We hope that you will find the answers to your questions in the eBook, and enjoy reading it while you’re looking for assistance! However, if you have any further questions, please contact MiWay today.

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