Traffic Cops of YouTube

We all know that feeling of rounding a corner, seeing the cops and having a mini heart attack as a result. The good news is that traffic cops aren’t always terrifying – sometimes they’re hilarious. Below is a list of the funniest traffic cops from around the world. You won’t believe their antics!

He Just Wants to ‘Rock with You’

This cop’s style is a bit, uh, ‘off the wall’, to say the least. Watch as he shows off his (pretty impressive) Michael Jackson dance skills whilst directing traffic at the same time. Who said men can’t multi-task?


He Got it All this Morning

Either this cop had a bit too much coffee with his breakfast or he just really, really takes his job seriously. Regardless, this is incredibly entertaining to watch!


He’s ‘Russian’ Around

This traffic cop from Russia is definitely not shy when it comes to showing off his best moves! In our opinion, his prisyadka (AKA the ‘Russian squat dance’) is actually quite remarkable.


He’s Shaking it Off

Most traffic cops are extremely serious and stern, which is why it is so refreshing (and, quite frankly, hilarious) to watch this cop give the performance of his life – lip synching to Taylor Swift’s smash hit, ‘Shake it Off’.


He’s Getting Carried Away

This is one of those videos where you know you shouldn’t laugh, but you just can’t help yourself! Watch as the unexpected happens when this traffic cop tries to give a reckless driver a fine.


He's in the Wrong

We’re all human and we all make mistakes – and that goes for traffic officers, too! That fact doesn’t make this video any less funny, though!


He’s about to Crash

Skip through to 1:30 and watch as this rookie traffic cop makes an embarrassing mistake. Thankfully, the driver manages to laugh it off – and gets away without a fine! We’re pretty sure that the cop will remember his handbrake next time!


They Can’t Get In

After a long-winded car chase in Korea, these officers finally manage to corner the suspect. The only problem is that they can’t get him out of the car. Skip through to 1:10 and watch as they desperately – and hilariously - try to break the perp’s windows… with very little luck.


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