MiWay releases eBook for first-time car owners

Published on: 13 February 2015

MiWay has released a new eBook which provides insights into the responsibilities and obligations which come with car ownership in South Africa, including how to buy appropriate insurance cover.

Johannesburg, South Africa – Innovative short term insurer MiWay has introduced a free eBook which provides guidance for first time car owners. Focusing on the responsibilities and obligations inherent to owning a vehicle, MiWay’s ‘A Dummy’s Guide to Owning a Car’ offers sections which include general safety, maintenance and the necessity for insurance to protect the property of the owner and others.

“The aim of the eBook is to take any guesswork or uncertainty out of the dream of car ownership for the prospective or first-time buyer. It seeks to educate, inform and empower South African car owners from all walks of life,” says Rory Judd, head of Online Marketing at MiWay.

The excitement of readying to buy your very first car shouldn’t be dampened by the legalities and responsibilities which come together with this life-changing event. By providing valuable information in a clear and concise presentation, ‘A Dummy’s Guide to Owning a Car’ answers your questions, dispels buzzwords and helps you choose the right insurance solutions to meet your needs.

“An informed customer is always able to make better choices. This eBook aims to help those considering buying their first car, or those who are new to car ownership, to get a clear idea of the realities of owning a vehicle – and how to make sure the experience is a positive one,” Judd adds.

The eBook explains what the first-time car owner needs to know about vehicle insurance, including:

  • What to look out for in your insurance policy
  • How to make a claim
  • Information about roadside emergency assistance
  • How to keep your car running safely and in good condition
  • What type of vehicle essentials are required

Additionally, the eBook provides interesting facts and figures about car ownership in South Africa - as well as an FAQ section which answers common questions that almost all of us have wanted to ask at one time or another.

Download ‘A Dummy’s Guide to Owning a Car’ now!