Change is Critical to Business

Published on: 26 October 2015

Franna Benade - Claims General ManagerMiWay's Claims General Manager, Franna Benade, shares his thoughts on "Change".

In today’s fast-paced life, the one thing in business that is constant is change.

Change is needed in business to keep ahead of the competition or to continue to have the competitive edge.

Businesses start to stagnate when change disappears.

It is therefore critically important that change be managed efficiently. Managers on all levels should own the skill of managing change proactively. Due to people being affected by change, it is the responsibility of the Management team to know their staff and how they will react to change, that will enable them to implement change successfully.

Change can successfully be managed when following the below tips:

  1. Involve your employees in the decision
  2. Convince them that change is necessary
  3. Be proactive about it
  4. Customise your approach
  5. Reinforce the change

Change is difficult. Not changing is fatal.