Putting together the right team

Published on: 24 June 2015

Jason Mellow, MiWay's Head of Alternative Distribution, has been involved in the start-up and management of several sales teams over the years.

As such, he has built up a profile of what to look for in a sales person as well as the values that should be placed at the centre of our team dynamic. Here are his thoughts on putting together the right team:

  1. Hire on attitude and energy. Skills can be taught, but passion is either there or it’s not.
  2. Be transparent with your team at all times. They must buy into your - as well as the company’s - path ahead.
  3. Never tolerate negative influences within your team. This usually comes from the poorer performers and if ignored, could cost you sales.
  4. Emotional buy-in from you and your team is critical to success. If you don’t love selling - or your market, then it’s time to look elsewhere!
  5. The top sales performers are self-motivated and seldom look to their line-manager for motivation. Identifying them at interview stage can be difficult, but if successful, they are worth their weight in gold.