Wowed by the wind, blown away by the track

Published on: 14 May 2013

Kicking off the 2013 MiWay Big5 MTB Series, the first race at the Mtunzini Country Club was an interesting start to the series. Although the KZN north coast showered the race with its worst weather experience in 16 years; it seemed nothing could dampen the turn out.

"We were very happy with the 800+ turn-out for the race this year, especially for the 10km Challenge, which was in its inaugural year as part of the overall Series Challenge," said Shane Webster of Big 5 Marketing. "The 10km Challenge attracted over 200 participants alone, proving yet again the need for more timed races short enough for the up-and-coming youth, but also for beginners looking to compete in their first race!"

A sugarcane single-track, dense indigenous forest and boardwalks through mangrove swamps formed the backdrop to the race. Course designer Frank Uzzell took four months to prepare this Zini Buffalo Classic course, which had cyclists in awe. Equally impressed was award-winning photographer Jacques Marais, who has decided to include the course in his upcoming MTB TRAIL GUIDE for 2013, which showcases the best mountain bike trails in South Africa.

Short-term insurer MiWay has supported local mountain biking since 2009, shortly after the company launched. "We've always been big supporters of mountain biking and followed its phenomenal growth in South Africa and abroad," says Max Huggins from MiWay. The company not only supports the sport, but also has products to support its participants. "It seemed natural for us to develop a standalone bicycle insurance product that appealed specifically to the cycling community – because we understand that for some people a bicycle isn't simply a line item on a bigger policy," says Huggins.

The Zini Buffalo Classic's 50km, 25km and 10 km challenge results are available on the MIWAY MTB website ( Photographs of the event can be viewed on the MiWayMTB Facebook page (

Looking forward to the second race of the MiWay Big5 MTB series? The 23rd of June marks race day for the Pick n Pay Elephant Classic Eshowe. For further details please see

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