4 provocative cellphone road safety campaigns

Published on: 09 June 2016

They beep, buzz and ring – whether it’s a phone call or a Twitter notification, our mobile phones have become our very miniature and convenient connection to the rest of the world.

However, have mobile devices affected our ability to drive safely? With a rise in collision statistics, insurance companies (and road safety initiatives) have had to adopt stringent attitudes towards those who drive while operating a cell phone.

Did you know that if an eye witness happens to mention that you were on your cell phone during an accident, you may be liable for criminal charges, and that your car insurance policy will, most likely, not pay out?

It’s often scary to think of the repercussions of using such a small device while operating a large machine.  

In an effort to alert people to the dangers of driving while paying attention to a phone, road safety initiatives have taken it upon themselves to roll out thought-provoking material that aims to frighten users into compliance. Not only do these campaigns emulate the severity of vehicle collisions, they also draw the viewers’ attention to the fact that, for the time that we spend driving in the car, we can put our phones away and concentrate on what is going on in front of us.

Here are the most influential cell phone road safety campaigns (warning: some contain graphic content):

THINK! Don't Use Mobile Phones While Driving

Have you ever thought about the type of distraction that you cause when you call or text someone who is driving?

The best way in which to ensure that your loved ones are able to pay attention to the road is by waiting to speak to them until they get home. You can never be sure about what happens on our roads – it might be the responsible act that saves their life.


Volkswagen: Eyes on the Road

Picture yourself walking into a movie, tucking into your popcorn and settling down to watch the trailers.

You watch the screen and an advertisement pops up of someone climbing into a car, turning on the music and driving out onto a quiet road.

Your phone buzzes, and so does every other phone in the audience and as you all stare at your phone, the vehicle on the screen crashes.

Smart and effective, Volkswagen’s initiative left viewers surprised by the ingenuity of the advert as well as shocked by the accident they had just caused. 


Are You Driving Blind?

Did you know that when you drive and repeatedly look at your cell phone, it can be likened to driving blind? Believe it or not, it’s true!

Take a look at this campaign that was designed to reflect the danger of not paying attention to the road. In many cases, using your mobile phone can lead to dangerous scenarios where you not only endanger your own life but those of other road users –accidents involving pedestrians, running of red traffic lights or fatal collisions.

Put your phone away or opt to make use of a hands-free set.


Mobile Phone - You Can Live Without It

Clear in its title and within the content of the campaign, ‘you can live without it’ is a twofold slogan.

This campaigns alerts viewers to the fact that they have a better chance of survival if they choose not to use their phones and that they can live without their phone for a short period of time.

Take a peek at this campaign and the importance of choosing to concentrate on the road and not on your mobile device.


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