Helpful tips: How to Keep Your Kids Buckled-Up

Your child’s safety in the car is a priority, but as we know, children have a mind of their own, so keeping them buckled-up can be a mission for moms and dads. Convincing your rascals to be safe in the car may consume valuable time, especially during the morning rush to school and work, and keeping them in their seatbelts throughout the journey may prove to be both frustrating and tiring. In the end, your child usually wins the battle of the safety belt, providing you with some peace - albeit putting their lives in danger as a result.

Your child may see the seatbelt as a treacherous restrictor, the car seat as a mini prison in the vehicle, and your passion for safe travel as a killjoy but, at the end of the day, mom and dad know best.

Tips to keep kids buckled up

  • Teach your children how important it is to use their car seats and safety belts. Make them understand how dangerous travelling on the roads really is, so that they see the need to buckle-up whether they’re with you or not. Make it fun by using images and videos that will appeal to the little ones – nothing too graphic!
  • The younger they are, the easier for you. Start their safety education as soon possible so that they get used to the idea of using the car seat or seatbelt. You should be consistent with buckling them up so that they don’t have an idea of what “freedom” feels like. It will become a habit for them, giving you peace of mind in the process. You should also lead by example when it comes to traveling safely. They want to be just like mom and dad, so if you put your seatbelt on, they’ll think it’s cool and buckle-up too.
  • Reward them for wearing their seatbelts with a special treat.
  • Once they’re buckled-up, provide them with a distraction. You could sing their favourite songs, play games or provide them with electronic equipment, such as battery operated gaming consoles, that they can play in the car. This will keep their minds off of the urge to break free.
  • With something as serious as road safety, making your child concerned about traveling without a seatbelt on might not be such a bad idea. There’s no need to be too extreme by telling them that they will lose a limb or die, but you could tell them that the police won’t like it they break the rules of the road.

South African roads aren’t the safest to travel on, so it is important for both you and your precious cargo to buckle-up. Your child’s life is precious, so be sure to safeguard it.

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