How to decorate your caravan in easy 7 steps

Published on: 23 April 2015

Who says your caravan has to be boring or generic? Decorating your caravan is a great opportunity to personalise your space so that it may truly be your home on wheels.  If you want to breathe new life into your caravan’s decor, try improving it with these helpful tips.

Step 1: Fix things first

Give your caravan a serious clean, repair any leaks and carry out any interior and exterior repairs. This will give you a good canvas to base your styling on.  

Step 2: Find your inspiration

Your home-away-from-home should reflect a part of your personality and lifestyle. By decorating your caravan’s interiors, it might take away the sting of being stuck indoors on a gloomy or rainy day and from feeling home-sick. A good place to find inspiration is the internet especially social media platforms like Pinterest.

 Step 3: Install some extra storage space

As space is limited in a caravan, it is important that you make the most it using optimised storage units. If you have to install furniture such as couches or beds, then make sure you get the ones that have hidden space or open out into larger units. With a little bit of imagination, and basic DIY skills, you can create your own space saving solutions.  

Step 4: Pay attention to flooring

Flooring is important, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Luckily, caravans are small enough to keep costs down. Vinyl flooring is a good choice, as it is easy to install, hardwearing, and requires minimum maintenance. You may also add some rugs for some underfoot luxury.

Step 5: soft furnishings – add some colour  

Invest in some matching cushions, linen and towels sets. Unlike your home, where everything is separate, you could use matching colours and textures to unify the decor. For added fun, you could also invest in cutlery that matches your décor.

Watch this short video for inspiration on creating a themed interior.

Step 6: Stock up on the entertainment

Add in a radio, docking station, or maybe a small TV for those lazy days and rainy evenings … you might have more time to listen to your favourite tunes on holiday. Add some books (especially those that you been meaning to read) as well as some board games.   

Step 7:  Add some shade

An awning or shadecloth allows you to extend your living and entertaining space outdoors. Add some camping chairs and table to complete the space.

MiWay’s caravan insurance also covers caravan contents and accessories. If it is predominantly kept inside your caravan (even when the caravan is not being used), then we have it covered. For those who like to travel in style, your permanent fixtures and accessories such as air-conditioning units, fitted canopies and awnings can also be specified on your policy.