How to safely entertain yourself in traffic

If you live in any big city in South Africa, you are probably used to sitting in traffic. For some of us, it’s a reality that we face on a daily basis on our way to work! Rather than sitting in your car getting frustrated, here are some ideas on how to entertain yourself in traffic:

Listen to audio books

Don’t have time to read at home? Why not listen to audio books? The internet has many sites where you can download free classics. You could also find out if that book you have been intending to read is available in audio. Simply pop in the CD or link up your car's bluetooth device and play it through the car's speakers.

Download and listen to podcasts

Podcasts generally run about 45-60 minutes and work well for a one-way trip. This a great way to entertain and educate yourself at the same time.  

Play mind games

Look for every letter in the alphabet in order on street signs, on bumper stickers, licence plates, etc.

Make up stories in your head about where all the other people on the road are going.

Sing your heart out!

Whether it’s the radio or your favourite playlist - exercise those vocal cords and sing along to your favourite tunes. You may even spot someone in the surrounding traffic singing along to the same radio station!

Brush up on your foreign language skills

Ever wanted to speak another language but find that you just aren't getting around to it? Brush up your conversation skills with an audio course CD set.

Try to avoid being stuck in traffic in the first place

Apart from listening to the traffic report on the radio, you can also plan your route with apps such as Google Maps or Waze which show current traffic conditions on highways and roads.


We know that being stuck in traffic is a pain, but you don’t want to make it worse by causing an accident. It is therefore important to focus on the road and the drivers around you. It also goes without saying that you should avoid using your phone while driving.

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