Q&A with Kabelo Ntsime, our Comrades representative

Published on: 13 June 2015

MiWay's Athletics Club - the MiWay Warriors - is headed up by Kabelo Ntsime, who works in Client Services.

This year, he successfully completed the Comrades Marathon for the 4th time - and was even featured in the 2015 Comrades Magazine!

In this article he shares a little bit about himself, his experiences and training regime:

Q: What motived you to start running?

A: It was an alternative exercise that I could do.

Q: Have you always been a runner?

A: No, never a runner. Just a normal gym enthusiast.

Q: What does Comrades mean to you?

A: It’s an eye opener to my soul, if you can endure this cruel race… everything is possible.

Q: What is your favourite quote? One that keeps you motivated?

A: “When you have the enthusiasm and the passion, you end up figuring how to excel” – Deena Kastor.

Q: How did you train for the Marathon?

A: Monday to Friday I would wake up at 3:00am to cover some distance: Fartlek training is for speed (16km and 12km) and trying to cover all of this within 1h:10mins.
Speed sessions on a flat road of about 400m. I would do about 12 rounds, trying to cover all of the training within an hour.
Hill runs for 800m, 10 repeats and 200 Hills sprints.

Saturday to Sunday, I would join other clubs like Team Zithande or the George Gundry in Pretoria at Union Building for the 69km training. The Diepkloof A/C and Randburg Harriers would be my other options for doing long distance training.

Q: What running challenges were you faced with at the Comrades?

A: I am still learning about what I shouldn’t eat and that is very hard to get right. I avoided the GU’s (supplements) and thought I would be fine but I got stomach cramps that slowed me down. I incurred a spinal injury during training and knew that the pain was not going anywhere - I tuned my mind to be over the pain and yes, I managed. The targeted time was sub 9:00 hours to get my Bill Rowan…

However, I started too fast on the hills and had nothing to push over the Inchanga hills. On in Inchanga, I found myself disoriented and not actually knowing where am I or what to expect.

My other challenge is that I lacked team spirit – someone to draw energy from and courage to push beyond my own ability, being alone was draining on this long journey.

Q: What running tip would you share with the MiWay Warriors after your 4th Marathon experience?

A: You need to be ready for the transformation and know that pain is nothing – to finish the race is everything. We need to train together as Warriors to be able to conquer this Ultimate Human Race, team spirit gets most of the runners over the finish line on time.

Q: What was your finish time?

A: My finish time was 9:14:08, which is a 15 minute improvement compared to last year’s Comrades.

We hope that you are inspired by Kabelo’s achievement and urge you to consider your participation in the Comrades Marathon 2016!