The Top 5 Most Thought-Provoking Car Safety Campaigns

Published on: 03 June 2015

Road safety is a concern for all drivers, and yet many of us still find ourselves exceeding speed limits, neglecting to stop at stop-streets and running red robots when in a hurry to get somewhere. We are quick to forget about the consequences and we are quick to defend ourselves by saying things like ‘I was late for an appointment’ or ‘yes, I was driving fast. But I’m an experienced driver so I will always remain in control of the vehicle.’

Let us take a look at some of the world’s most effective car safety campaigns – campaigns that may change your driving habits, and your views about safe driving, forever.

‘Mistakes’ by The New Zealand Transport Agency

One of the most powerful road safety adverts, this is a video that will make you think twice about speeding.

It begins by showing us two drivers, one who has just stopped at a stop street and another who is speeding up the road. The man at the stop street looks to his right and deems it safe to proceed, while the other speeding driver seems to come out of nowhere.

Right before collision, time stops and the two drivers get out of their respective vehicles. They converse and the driver at the stop street begs the other man not to collide with him as his son is in the backseat. The other driver sadly apologises and says ‘I’m going too fast. I’m sorry.’

Both drivers return to their cars, unable to turn back time, and suffer a fatal accident.


‘Teen Anti-Speeding’ by Drive SMART

This short advert, directed by Phil Tune, is aimed at creating awareness about speeding among teenage motorists.

Likening the young driver to a puppet with strings that are responsible for guiding his actions, a keen metaphor for peer pressure, the young man gets behind the wheel and, after being over-taken by a particularly aggressive driver, listens to his friends who are insisting that he beat him to the traffic light.

The teens are involved in a collision and the ad cuts to the young man who now has a drip in his arm, replacing the metaphorical puppet strings. One of his friends sits distraught at his bedside and whispers ‘I’m sorry.’


‘Shame on You’ by DOE Road Safety

(Warning: graphic content)

Northern Ireland’s road safety ad is known all over the world for its shock value and effectiveness at drawing motorists’ attention to the importance of responsible driving practices.

The ad depicts 28 children (the equivalent of the number of children who have died in the area as a result of accidents caused by speeding cars since the year 2000) who venture into the country to enjoy some time with Mother Nature. Suddenly a motorist on an adjacent road loses control of his speeding vehicle, flipping off the road and colliding into the children, killing them instantly.

Its intense subject matter is one of the reasons why this is such a thought-provoking campaign.


‘Embrace Life’ by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership

One of the most viewed road safety ads on YouTube, the ‘Embrace Life’ campaign has been making waves worldwide since 2010.

Depicting a small family in their living room, the advert emphasises the importance of wearing your seatbelt at all times. Mimicking the effect of a seatbelt, the mother and daughter wrap their arms around their father who is about to be involved in an accident.

Their embrace is what keeps him alive.


‘Never’ by TAC

(Warning: graphic content)

A heart-wrenching car safety ad that depicts a devastated father talking about his beloved daughter who we have just seen die in a car accident.

Her boyfriend had had ‘a few’ at her father’s birthday celebration but insists that he is alright to drive. He ends up killing his girlfriend as a result.

This is an extremely effective campaign for illustrating the terrible consequences of driving under the influence. 


Get cash rewards in just 3 months by buying your car insurance online!Although intense, these five campaigns have forced drivers around the world to re-evaluate their driving habits and subsequently save lives.

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