Insuring your jewellery? You'll need these three things

Have you considered insuring your wedding rings - or any of your jewellery for that matter? If your jewellery gets lost while snorkelling in the azure waters of Mauritius, gets left behind in a hotel spa or even just falls into the dustbin, you’ll wish you had been better protected against your loss.

Here are three things that you need when insuring your jewellery.

  1. The original receipt (if possible): We know, your antique 1950s sapphire eternity band didn’t get passed down with one. But if you did receive one with your purchase of a more contemporary piece of jewellery, make sure to keep it in a safe place.
  2. Photos: Usually, these are included in the valuation (below). Nonetheless, photograph all your jewellery for your own records.
  3. A valuation certificate: Most insurance companies require valuations, especially for more expensive items. You will receive two valuation certificates from a reputable jeweller – one for your records and one for your insurance company.

What happens in the process of valuation?

  • Each item of jewellery is carefully cleaned, photographed and weighed;
  • All the metals and stones in the item are identified before measuring, weighing and quality grading them;
  • Final valuation - you will receive a complete record of your jewellery, with all the information you need to enjoy full insurance cover;

For insurance policy purposes, your jewellery needs to be kept in a locked safe if it is not being worn. Usually jewellery valued at above a certain amount needs to be specified, so remember to check your policy wording.

With the right insurance cover, you'll be able to enjoy your wedding rings for years to come - no matter what life throws at your left hand!

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