6 Ways to Save Money

Many of us are guilty of spending money carelessly – even when it doesn't feel like it. Why don’t you use this additional time at home to work through your budget and see where you can “trim off the extras”. Here are a few common things that you may want to trim down on:

  • Takeout - While food is an essential need, we've seen that convenience or on-the-go food is most certainly not. Takeaways are a common and expensive choice - both while you are at home and while you are on the go. Try eating before you leave the house if you are heading out. If you are at home, rather choose easy homemade meals no matter the level of lazy you reach – it will save you cash
  • Gourmet and takeaway coffee - For many people, their morning coffee is a ritual they can't live without – no judgement here. But you don't have to stop at a coffee shop to get a great cup of coffee. It's an unnecessary expense that you can avoid with just a little planning. Where you can, have your special cup of coffee at home. Alternatively, you can make up a thermos for when you get to your destination or opt for a travel mug to enjoy your homebrew on the road. 
  • Unused gym memberships - So, you purchased your “new year, new you” gym membership, went for a week and then … things got busy. One of the most common monthly money wasters are gym memberships that go unused. It’s time to get rid of your idle membership, even if there is a cancellation penalty. 
  • Individual streaming subscriptions - Television and music streaming apps often have family plans and multiple users per membership. Rather than having individual subscriptions, you can get sharing with family members to spread out the cost. It will end up saving you money and let's face it – who doesn't want to save a buck? 
  • Bottled water - Purchasing a new single-use bottle of water every time you need a drink is a total waste of cash. Opt for a glass or multi-use bottle that you can refill and keep on hand. If you are drinking water at home, keep a jug of cooled boiled tap or filtered water in the fridge to top up your glass rather than popping open a single-use bottle every time you are thirsty.
  • The more you insure, the more you save! Find out whether your insurer offers discounts on consolidated policies (in other words - insure your car and home, or your and your partner’s vehicles - under one policy), and then pool your insurable assets together in order to save on your insurance premium.

There are so many opportunities to live your way, especially if you cut out wasteful spending to add a little extra cash to your wallet every month.

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a quality home, business and car insurance either. For affordable cover and to safeguard your lifestyle, get an insurance quote today.

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