Get your home ready for rain!

With flash-floods and heavy rains a reality, protecting your home and belongings should be top priority for all South Africans! Here are some practical things to do which could save you money and hassle later:

  • Check your roof for leaks or water spots and fix any leaks with a reputable repairer before the heavy rains come.
  • Have regular maintenance work done on your roof! You should inspect your roof annually and replace broken, damaged or missing roof tiles. Corrugated or metal roofs should have sheets fastened securely. Those living in thatch houses – ensure that your lightning conductor is SABS approved and has been treated within the last 7 years.
  • Clean your gutters of any leaves and other debris regularly.
  • Maintain any water escape routes, water drainage systems around your house to make sure that they are not obstructed by plants, roots, soil or mud.
  • Close all windows before leaving the house and before big storms to avoid rain from entering your house and causing damage.
  • Unplug your electrical appliances, such as your TV or computer before big storms to avoid lightning damage.
  • Regularly maintain trees on your property by cutting back branches, especially large trees vulnerable to lightning strikes that could fall on your house and cause damage!
  • Move your car into your garage or car port if possible, especially during hail storms and close all car windows. Do not park under a tree, as falling branches could cause more damage.
  • Put your furniture covers on your outdoor furniture and move them undercover.
  • Pick your valuables up off of the floor to protect them from getting wet – such as computers, cameras, handbags and so forth.

Take note! Those of you living near dams and rivers known for flooding or overflowing need to be extra vigilant as you are even more vulnerable to water damage to your homes!

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