Protecting your electronic devices

Published on: 04 March 2015

We live in the technological age; electronics are a part of our everyday lives. Why not protect what’s yours? Many of these gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops are pretty expensive, there is so much to consider, like the cost of having to replace the device when lost or the painful risk of losing data.

Make sure you take good care of your electronics, by following these tips.

  1. Keep your gadgets away from water. Water is a conductor of electricity and if your device comes into contact with it, it can create a short circuit. Your device can be permanently damaged; so make sure you wipe all wet surfaces and generally avoid wet areas.
  2. Electronic devices need to be regularly cleaned. Keep them dust free and spick-and-span by using a soft material to wipe any collected dirt – otherwise try using a “gadget-cleaning vaccum”. Avoid using chemicals or detergents when cleaning your phone.
  3. Always have your device repaired at an authorised service centre to avoid any shortcuts or mishaps. Using an expert will guarantee you great service, otherwise you may end up paying more for extra damages incurred by shoddy workmanship.
  4. Avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures. Your device will get impaired internally due to the changes in temperature. Don’t leave your device in the car all day!
  5. Use a protective casing to avoid cracked screens or chipped corners.
  6. Don’t forget to insure your device. MiWay offers All-risk Insurance for devices such as your laptop, cell phones, smartphones and cameras.  You can even update your policy online when you decide to upgrade to the latest and greatest!