Tips for Driving in the Rain

Published on: 17 March 2016

Tips for driving in the rain

Most people don’t know how to drive safely in the rain.

Even if you’re one of the exceptions, you’ll still be on the road with people best-described by the phrase ‘instant idiot - just add water’. In other words, everyone could do with a few preventative measures. Also, if you still don’t have vehicle insurance, now is the time to get it, because insurance is the only sensible backup plan if these tips don’t save you from reckless drivers.

Here are our top 4 tips for driving in the rain:

Stay in the middle lane. If you’re driving on the highway, stay in the middle lane (if possible!), because water tends to pool in the outside lanes. This way, if the driver in front of you is speeding, you won’t lose visibility every time the car in front hits a puddle.

Keep your eyes on the brake-lights in front of you. It is better to hit the brakes as little as possible when it rains. Rather slow down by taking your foot off the accelerator or using your gears. However, sometimes you do have to hit the brakes to avoid a collision! Either way, by keeping your eyes on the brake-lights in front of you, you’ll not only be able to see when someone is slowing down, but you might also be able to avoid becoming a part of the pile-up.        

Use your headlights. It doesn’t matter whether you can see clearly or not. By switching on your headlights, you become more visible to the people driving in front and behind you.

Increase your following distance. The general following distance, also known as the 3-second rule, should be increased. What is a good following distance when it rains? We believe that doubling the normal distance is your safest bet. It might seem a bit extreme, but better safe than sorry, right?

With these tips you’ll be much safer on the road on rainy days. Just remember that accidents might still happen and that it helps to be prepared for any situation. This is why it’s a good idea to get car insurance now, if, for some crazy reason, you still haven’t got it.     

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