Watch out – flash-flood warnings this weekend!

Published on: 18 January 2013

WeatherSA has issued a statement warning South Africans of heavy rains over the weekend. Parts of the country affected will be North West, Gauteng, Northern Free State, KZN, Limpopo and Mpumalanga from today until Sunday, 20 January. The heavy rains will cause rivers and streams to flow heavily, which might cause flash-floods. We think that prevention is better than cure, so here are our top 5 tips to weather the storms:

  1. BE AWARE. If you live in low-lying areas or near flood-lines – take care when walking or driving and make sure your home is ready for the rain! Be prepared to evacuate if the water levels rise too quickly.
  2. BE SAFE. Never ever try to swim, walk or drive through swift-flowing water, even if it’s only ankle deep. Water is powerful and unpredictable so rather use alternative routes!
  3. BE VIGILANT. Most accidents happen on wet roads in heavy downpours with poor visibility. If you’re caught in a downpour while driving: put your headlights on, keep a safe following distance, be extra alert and slow down!
  4. BE LATE. If you can avoid it, DO NOT drive in a heavy storm – rather delay your trip or find somewhere safe to park your car and wait, away from electrical lines, streams, rivers, trees and busy roads. Parking under cover or underground in a shopping mall parking lot is a safe alternative! Remember – NEVER stop on the side of a highway during a storm because you’re at risk of causing an accident and being hit by not-so-vigilant drivers.
  5. BE KNOWLEDGEABLE. Have the emergency services numbers saved into your cell phone or memorised. Fire department national hotline: 112 or 10177