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Published on: 27 July 2017

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MiWay’s Actuarial department plays an essential role in the company since the work we do is at the core of insurance – i.e. charging the right client the right premium.

We are responsible for claims reserving (estimating how much premium we should set aside for claims that we still need to pay, including claims we don’t know about yet) and calculating how much capital we need to set aside to protect MiWay against unforeseen events. In addition to the more traditional actuarial work in short-term insurance, actuaries at MiWay often get involved in other exciting projects like building fraud prediction models.

We are a relatively small department, which offers all team members an opportunity to get exposure to most areas of the business. We interact with a large range of stakeholders in the business, from senior management to software developers to claims investigators.

If you’re ready to step up your game and join MiWay's Actuarial department, please send your CV and a short introduction letter to

Team members work in an environment with lots of scope for modelling. Furthermore, we use SQL to implement our own models on MiWay’s policy administration system, which has the following benefits:

  • Controlling much of the development ensures that what gets implemented is exactly as we intended
  • Having less dependency on other parties also means that we can complete projects faster
  • An added bonus is the satisfaction of seeing how our hard work directly benefits the business!

The challenges we are faced with daily don’t come with an instruction manual on how to solve them. The first part of the actuarial syllabus focuses on theory and technical knowledge, which we like to think of as your toolbox containing all the skills and tricks that you’ve accumulated over the years. The latter part of the syllabus focuses on applying that technical knowledge to solve problems.

To be a great actuary, you need a toolbox that contains a wide variety of tools, but even more importantly, you need the ability to identify the best tool for each job. MiWay provides an environment where you can keep expanding your toolbox of skills as well as your knowledge.

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