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MiWay's environment allows team members to realise their full potential through sharing of knowledge and helping others to learn and grow. Where would you fit into MiWay's vision to move our company forward?

What makes the MiWay Development team different?

  • Innovation and creativity are two concepts that we endeavour to nurture in our environment.
  • We have regular 'Code Katas' and ’Coffee Sessions’ where anyone (departmental or not) is welcome to participate, practice skills, discuss interesting concepts, voice opinions or even just present some new and fascinating tools or technology.
  • We host quarterly innovation days called a MiWayaWaya day where developers are given 24 hours and access to all company resources, without interruptions, to work on any idea they may have which they believe would add some form of value to MiWay. The result must be a shippable version at the end of the 24 hours so MiWay can immediately benefit from it.
  • Upskilling and growth are very important to our developers. As a mid- to long-term goal, we would like to have all the members of our team considered 'seniors' in their respective fields of expertise. To achieve this, we have internal Mentorship programmes and communities of practice where we help one another to grow professionally, emotionally and personally.
  • We advocate best-practices like pair- and mob-programming and urge members to attend regular industry-related meetups.

The developers have accepted the Minions as their mascot.

  • Similar to the Minions, our development team are odd creatures, not always understood by society.
  • We work towards a shared cause, and are loyal to that cause.
  • We’re energetic, always try to have fun in whatever we do, always work together on any and all tasks to get things done in the best possible manner*.
  • The Banana song is our unofficial anthem.

(* Well, perhaps not always in the "best possible" manner, but at least good enough for a minimal viable product - being first in the market with something slightly-off perfect is better than not being first with something perfect).

Structure and methodology

We maintain a flat structure within the Development team. There are no Team Leaders, Project Managers or Seniors (in the traditional sense) who dictate work to others. Each team member has an equal say in the department's environmental and cultural aspects. Our department is a full Agile and Scrum house, sticking close to the core Agile and Scrum values, while still maintaining a level of flexibility so we can adapt to changes within MiWay and our industry.

We have been living Agile and Scrum for the past 5 years (and counting) and we believe that we are one of the better Scrum implementations in the financial / insurance industry.

We are one big team, but developers are grouped into smaller teams to work on specific business requirements. A team usually consists of two/three PHP developers, one/two Oracle developers, a Scrum Master, a QA/Tester and a Product Owner. This allows the team to be cross-functional in its skillsets as well as in its knowledge sharing. We handle our work, deployments, definitions of business value, etc. in such a way that team members can be swapped between teams, with as little effort and impact on velocity as possible, in order to shift resources to projects that need them most.

If you'd like to join our world-class company, please email your CV and a short description of the role you see yourself in to development.careers@miway.co.za.

Tech stack

AngularJSApache CordovaBitBucketBootstrap Bower
Docker Elastic Search
Git Google Analytics GrayLog HipChatHTML5
jQuery NGINX NPMOracle Oracle SQL developerPL SQL Developer 
 PHPStorm RedisSubversionSymfonyTIA - The Insurance Application 


Our PHP team

  • Our PHP team tries to be active members in their communities, both in absorbing and sharing experiences and knowledge. If you want to see what they have been up to, search for #miwayDevelopers on social media!
  • All our frontend platforms are built using the latest stable version of PHP and we choose to do our coding magic in the latest version of PHPStorm.
  • The basis of our bigger projects is the latest version of the Symfony framework, which provides us with a stable base for our applications and provides all the features required to make flexible and maintainable applications.
  • In order to provide the fastest service to our clients we utilise Redis as cache store and Elasticsearch to speed up our systems and searches.
  • With a big warehouse of servers, we need to aggregate all the logs in one place, so it is easier to monitor and filter them. We use Graylog’s clean and fluent interface to manage our logs.
  • There is nothing more important than having stable builds of software applications. Bamboo helps us to run static analysis on all our code basis, as well as run all our unit and integration tests, to ensure we produce good and stable code to add to our software.
  • Our code base is managed through the use of Git and Git-related services provided by Atlassian.
  • We do Scrum and Agile, and work in cross-functional-teams.

Our Oracle developers

As the managers of data, logic and many of our applications’ rules, we work closely with the PHP developers in constructing and maintaining MiWay’s internal and external APIs.

  • Working through PLSQL Developer 11, we deal with an Oracle Database.
  • Our Application server is OFM (Oracle Fusion Middleware), covering Weblogic, Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports.
  • As an early adopter of TIA, we have an extensive level of experience in this line of business. We are currently on TIA version 6.4 and we endeavour to always stay on the latest version(s).
  • In order to ensure we have flexibility and capacity to adapt our code base, it is managed through SVN.
  • We do Scrum and Agile, and work in cross-functional-teams.

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