4 Excuses Traffic Cops Have Heard Before

Published on: 12 August 2015

4 Excuses Metro Cops have heard before

It’s never nice to have to fork out money for a thoughtless transgression on the road, which is why some people will go to any lengths to avoid traffic fines. But, by not paying your fines, you could face a heftier fine or, in some extreme cases, jail time. Here are some of the top cop-outs that South Africans have resorted to in their desperate efforts to avoid fines:

Pig Spotter Cliff

No-one knows who he really is, and he keeps his identity well hidden; most likely for a good reason (and not just because he calls cops ‘pigs’). Pig Spotter Cliff regularly Tweets updates regarding road blocks, speed traps, accidents and traffic delays via his Twitter pages. Most of the information is user-generated and available in real-time, making it convenient for drivers to avoid routes which are being monitored by traffic officers.

Taking the long way around

When traffic starts to slow, and the tell-tale lights of police cars come into view, you know that you are most likely nearing a road block. In most instances, the cops are clever enough to set up a road block in a place where it is too late for you to make an escape. However, if there is some kind of slip road, back road, or place to make a U-turn, traffic fine-evaders will willingly take the long way around to avoid their run-in with the law.

‘Snot en trane’

You roll down your window, realise that you are about to be slapped with a fine, and then allow all kinds of horrible thoughts to flood your mind. Before you know it, your lower lip is wobbling and the tears are rolling. These (often crocodile) tears may have a hint of authenticity to them – after all, nobody enjoys being fined! This tearful interaction may annoy the cop enough for them to let you go, particularly when coupled with lamentations about being a poor student, late for work, just having broken up with your boyfriend, etc. However, it’s much easier to just not do anything which would end up in you getting a fine in the first place!

Excuses, excuses

Traffic cops have heard them all. Some common excuses include:

  • “I’m late for work / a meeting / the birth of my child.”
  • “I am very stressed so I wasn’t thinking straight.”
  • “I forgot to renew my licence disc because I was down with (insert sickness here) and missed the deadline.”
  • “I don’t have my licence on me because it’s … in my other car.”

And so on.

Whether you have your set repertoire of excuses, or are a good, law-abiding citizen who accepts their fines when they deserve it and pays them on time, all motorists should have car insurance. Finding yourself without a car, out of pocket or in a serious legal situation when you’re in a collision is another a whole other ball game. This is why you need comprehensive car insurance, and we’ve made it easy for you to get protected on the road at all times. Simply fill in this form for a quick, obligation-free vehicle insurance quote today.

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