4 Things that Every Car Owner Should Be Able To Do

Published on: 26 February 2015

maintenance tips that every car owner should knowWhen it comes to owning a car, it is expected that vehicle owners should be able to perform a handful of basic mechanical tasks. Unfortunately, we cannot run to our insurance companies or mechanic for every bump or nick. For the less complex vehicular emergencies, it is up to us to take charge and find a solution.

Buying a car requires a thorough reading of the manual – a book that provides the finest of details pertaining to a new set of wheels, in excruciating detail. Most of us flip through it and place it back into the cubby hole without a second glance, and when we’re stuck in a savage storm in the middle of traffic and cannot figure out how to demist the windscreen, we chide ourselves for not paying more attention to the manual.

However, the achingly detailed manual doesn’t offer step-by-step advice on how to go about performing tasks that require common sense, and it is this common sense that will help you avoid an abysmal dent in your wallet. In the case of severe damage, vehicle insurance is your best ally. Conversely, you can avoid cases of severe damage by ensuring that you’re up-to-date with how to be your own white knight in shining armour. If you’ve given up on finding the solution in your car’s handbook, here is a quick and comprehensive guide on the four things that every car owner should be able to do:

Change a Tyre

If you’re lucky, your affordable insurance provider will offer an emergency assistance service for the moments when you’re stuck in the rain with a flat tyre. However, we cannot always call in for assistance, especially when we’ve got places to be and people to see. Your best weapon against the strain of having a flat tyre is the ability to change it. Granted, this all depends on the fact that you have a spare tyre and kit in your boot. If you happen to experience a blowout, ensure that you pull over to the emergency lane and stop on a flat piece of road. The quicker that you are able to change your tyre, the faster you can reach the next town and have it repaired.

Jump-Start a Car

We all have those days when we leave our lights on overnight, only to get into a lifeless car the next morning. Inconvenient and tiresome, especially when we’re rushing to our early morning meeting, a flat car battery can leave us feeling defeated before we even walk into the office. Learn how to jump-start a car and equip yourself with a set of good-quality jumper cables.

Check Your Vehicle’s Fluids

As you need fluids, so does your car. Lubrication and cooling are imperative for the efficient and smooth running of your vehicle. The fluids in your car are there to lubricate and cool off your vehicle. These fluids include: power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and engine oil. To avoid a breakdown, and the possibility of a hefty bill from your mechanic, learn how to check the fluids in your vehicle yourself. Insurance companies may reject your claim if it is evident that you have been neglecting the mechanical needs of your car.

Don’t Be a Stick-in-the-Mud

Temperamental weather patterns can lead to muddy patches along many South African roads and getting bogged down in the mud is never ideal. As messy as this task can get, it is important to learn how to get out of a muddy patch. Keep in mind that this challenge is all about traction so it might be a good idea to always keep a thick and durable piece of carpet in your car at all times. Avoid disappointment and irritation by ensuring that you’re clued up on the four things that every car owner should be able to do. Don’t hang around for help when you can be proactive and be your own saving grace. For reliable car insurance trust MiWay. For interesting factoids on car insurance click here.