5 Interesting Facts About Cars

Published on: 25 February 2015

They have simplified transport in the last 125 years and continue to add comfort to our daily commute.  Cars are one of our most prized possessions; we have treasured them from their inception, whether used to display wealth and status, or used to transport a family of five little girls to their ballet lessons.

Cars have served us well over the last century, and we take care of them by taking out car insurance, washing them and ensuring that they are regularly serviced. We love our cars for the convenience that they bring, the comfort on long journeys and the air conditioning on sweltering hot days. We covet them, and when we are young, we dream about the day that we will be able to drive. Despite the years of service, how much do we really know about cars and their history?

Whether you’re a first time car owner or a veteran collector, car trivia is never dull. If we’ve amplified your curiosity, here are five interesting facts on cars:

  1. The Real Definition of Horse Power

    Many sports cars are marketed with a certain number of horsepower. Cars with a deep purr are commonly labelled with a racy price tag and a whopping 731 horse power (hp). However, this calculation can be misconstrued. It is believed that one hp is equal to the power of one horse. This is incorrect - one unit of horsepower is equivalent to 746 watts. Established by Scottish engineer James Watt as “the power needed to lift 33,000 pounds [the distance of] one foot in one minute’, it is actually about 1.5 times the power of a strong horse. This famous unit of measurement has made its way through the centuries and now appears on your car, amongst other industrial machinery.

  2. Driving Upside Down
    Not only would you need a fighter pilot, you would also need a Formula One car with a tweaked engine to be able to drive upside down. This might seem like an absurd idea but it can be done! A formula one racing car exerts 3.5 g lateral cornering force, which is equivalent to three and a half times its own weight, thanks to its aerodynamic design. Science stipulates that the racing car would be able to loop around a tunnel in a short space of time; however, engineers would be able to tweak the engines to allow the cars to drive upside down for a lengthy period of time. Can you imagine requesting an insurance quote and disclosing that you’ll be driving on the roof? Sounds very much like science fiction to us!

  3. The Truth behind Lamborghini
    We only see them in movies and on show floors, yet we covet them and admire their beauty. The Lamborghinis that we see today are very different to those that were first created. In fact, you would never even recognise them! That is because the first Lamborghinis could be found in fields, covered in mud – they were tractors. Today, these super cars are hailed for their sleek design and innovative technology.

  4. How Many People Can Fit into A Smart Car?
    When we think of Smart Cars, we think of dinky little automobiles that pose a great safety hazard. Most people will refuse to buy a Smart car in fear of being concertinaed or in fear of not being able to fit their small family and Labrador into the car. However, in 2011, the Glendale College Cheerleading team (USA) crammed 20 people into a Smart car, breaking the previous record set by 19 Pakistani schoolgirls. Yes, you read that correctly – 20!

  5. The Downside of Game Shows
    Ever dreamed of winning a car on a game show? We don’t mean to dash your dreams but there is a steep downfall to winning a car on your favourite game show. There is no such thing as a free lunch and that applies to a car too. If you win a car, you will be expected to pay a certain amount of tax in order to drive home in the new set of wheels. In America, if you happen to win a car to the value of $75,000, you will be liable for a tax bill in excess of $25,000. Saving up for a car doesn’t seem too bad now, does it?

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