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Car Hacks That Will Make Driving Easier

While some may enjoy taking a long drive, others prefer just hanging out in the passenger seat and keeping the driver company. Whether you enjoy being behind the wheel or just tagging along for the ride, it’s always helpful to be privy to a few hacks that will make driving easier.

Prolong your windshield wipers

Every driver knows that windshield wipers are notorious for cracking and drying out. Dried and cracked windshield wipers do little to assist you in rainy weather.

Hack: Soak a clean white cloth in your favourite glass/window cleaner and wipe your windshield wipers down with the soaked cloth. Not only will your windshield wipers last longer but your vision will not be obscured during rainy weather.

Cup holder hack

Tired of using an earbud to clean out dried up coffee or cooldrink from your cup holders? Yeah, well we are too. Nothing brings out the OCD quite like a dirty cup holder, right?

Hack: Cupcake liners are not only good for baking. Use a cupcake liner inside your cup holder to avoid having to clean sticky spills.

No more rubbish on your car floor

Travelling with children can be a messy affair. From sweet wrappers to empty cans, keeping your vehicle tidy can be a hard-won feat.

Hack: Plastic cereal containers can be a great way to discard unwanted rubbish while on the road. Line the inside of the container with a plastic bag and, voila, a makeshift rubbish bin.

Homemade car air freshener

This next hack won’t only save you some money but will leave your car smelling fresh. A fresh smelling car is one of the little pleasures in life enjoyed by most of us.

Hack: Melt some scented candle wax and put it in little jars, poke holes in the lids and store them under the seat of your car in an upright position. This will keep your car smelling fresh.


We are all guilty of dropping keys or other items in that little space between the console and the car seat. Squeezing your hand in such a limited space to retrieve an item is anything but comfortable. Well, not anymore.

Hack: Try cutting some foam pipe and using it as insulation between the console and the driver and passenger seat as a means of preventing small items from dropping into that small gap.

For some, taking a long drive to clear their minds proves to be therapeutic. While for others, it's a practical means of getting from one destination to another. Whichever works for you, having a few hacks up your sleeve that will make driving easier is always a good idea – just as having comprehensive car insurance is a good idea to safeguard your vehicle in case of damage or theft. Next time you’re preparing to go for a drive, make sure that your car is geared up with a few of these time and money-saving hacks, together with comprehensive car insurance for your budget!

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