Driving Etiquette in South Africa

Published on: 24 March 2015

We have all been subjected to a less than pleasant driver at some point or another (for most of us, this happens every day!) and we are forced to wonder how that person actually got their driver’s license and how any company out there would be willing to provide them with car insurance! But what if you ARE that driver? Here is a quick lesson that will help you to stay up to date with regards to driving etiquette in South Africa.

Keep an acceptable following distance

It has been proven that the number one pet hate amongst drivers all over the world is that of tailgating. It is a sign of aggression that most other drivers do not take lightly – plus, it also increases your chances of causing an accident should the driver ahead of you slam on their brakes. Remember, if you ram the bumper of a car in front of you, it will more than likely be considered your fault.

Stay out of the blind spot

It can be really annoying for another driver if you are constantly driving in their blind spot. Accelerate a little more or allow your car to fall behind the car next to you slightly in order to avoid being cut off by the other driver in the event that he or she is not aware that you are there.

Park in the lines

Even if you are in a rush and don’t feel like readjusting your vehicle if you haven’t parked perfectly, it is an essential part of driving etiquette. There is nothing more annoying than having to forego a parking space because the car next to the open space has parked skew.

Be a gracious driver

If lanes are merging ahead, do not take the opportunity to race the car next to you just so that you don’t have to let them in in front of you. Be courteous and let the car into your lane – it helps to keep traffic moving smoothly anyway!

Do not cut off other drivers

This is dangerous and is known for fuelling road rage throughout the world. Not only is it a rude and inconsiderate move, it is completely unnecessary. Use your indicator and change lanes only when it is safe to do so.

Say thank you

If someone allows you to move in front of them or does something else to help you on your way whilst on the roads, don’t forget to say thank you. Either raise your hand and give a quick wave or flash your hazards for a few blinks. There is nothing worse than ungrateful drivers who don’t acknowledge a good deed! However, if you’re the one who let a driver in, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t act aggressively if the driver doesn’t thank you…

Do not accelerate when someone is trying to pass you

While it can be a bit of a knock to the ego for some people when other cars pass them, it is very dangerous to accelerate when someone is trying to overtake you. It just isn’t worth it. Grit your teeth and let them pass.

Although driving etiquette is a way in which to show courtesy on the roads, it is also essential for your own safety. For added peace of mind, remember to get your hands on affordable, reliable and comprehensive car insurance. Get in touch with MiWay today for further information.

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