How Motor Cars Have Impacted our Lives

Published on: 29 April 2015

Aside from other lifestyle-revolutionising inventions, the motor car has been perhaps one of the most important inventions in all of human history. The growth of the automobile spiked a huge economic revolution around the world, attributed both to the industry itself and the positive impact that personal transportation has had on the commercial and retail sectors.

Let’s take a look at how motor cars have impacted our lives:

As individuals:

Convenience and lifestyle:

  • Do you want that lucrative job that is 20 km away from your house? No problem! With your own motor vehicle, you can pursue the career of your dreams.
  • If you run out of sugar / nappies / headache tablets at any hour of the day or night, you can simply pop out to the convenience store.
  • It’s easier to make plans with friends, see family and go on outings.
  • You are able to go anywhere you want, at any time of the day or night, without having to adhere to a schedule or rely on anyone else.


  • Cross-country travel is more affordable. Rather than spending money on hefty flights and car hire, you can simply drive your own car to your holiday or work destination. Did anyone say road trip?
  • If one household is sharing a motor car, they can share the running costs and thus save money on public transport and increase the chances of the household earning a higher total income through the ability to find jobs within a wider radius.  


  • Unfortunately, with the use of motor cars came resultant accidents involving vehicle collisions, pedestrian accidents and injuries to drivers and passengers. As with any form of transport, using a car has its own set of risks. This is why medical aid and car insurance is so important.
  • Personal vehicle use can be a lot safer than public transport, particularly at night. Just remember to turn those headlights on and be aware of your surroundings!

The country as a whole:

  • Economic success: Motor car manufacturing plants contribute millions to the economy each year. Motor vehicle-related industries do too – such as panel-beaters, car insurance companies, scrap yards, auto repair shops, tyre and parts manufacturers and other custom automotive companies.
  • Urban and suburban growth: Cities have boomed with the economic boost from motor car sales and production, and have been able to grow larger than ever with the availability of personal transport. Infrastructure has also been developed and is constantly updated to accommodate the growing cities and increased motor car use.

 The impact that cars have had on our lives is quite apparent by simply looking at the booming economy and the size of most cities. Without cars, most of it wouldn’t be possible! If you have a vehicle that has changed your life for the better and has bolstered your career, make sure that you protect it (and yourself) with a good vehicle insurance policy from MiWay. Get a quote for your vehicle today.

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