Make Your Own Windscreen Washer Fluid: 8 Methods that Work

Published on: 13 October 2015

Make Your Own Windscreen Washer Fluid 8 Methods that Work

A clean windscreen, and a reliable car insurance policy, of course, is essential for ensuring optimal safety on the roads of South Africa. Because of this, it is imperative that you top up your windscreen washer fluid on a regular basis. In order to ensure the best results possible, it is advised to avoid using water alone – instead, you will need a special type of fluid.

Unfortunately, this fluid is often very expensive... so why not make your own?

Here are multiple ways to making your own windscreen washer fluid.

  • Window Cleaner
    Window cleaner is cheap and easy to find at your local grocery store. In order to make an effective windscreen washer fluid, simply add one part window cleaner to two parts water. Ensure that you mix it well before pouring it into the appropriate unit within the engine of your vehicle.
  • Dish Washing Liquid
    In this case, less is more. Fill up a four-litre bottle with cold water and add 1 ½ tablespoons of liquid dish washing soap before replacing the bottle lid and shaking well to ensure even distribution.
  • Isopropyl
    Using a four-litre bottle once again, add two tablespoons of dish washing liquid and 1/3 of a bottle of 70% isopropyl. Fill the rest of it up with cold water before shaking and adding to the windscreen washer tank as needed.
  • Rubbing Alcohol
    Pour three cups (750 ml) of rubbing alcohol into a four-litre jug, followed by one tablespoon of liquid detergent and ten cups (2,5 l) of water. Mix well.
  • Methanol
    Add one part methanol to nine parts water before stirring and adding to your car. For an additional boost, and an even cleaner windscreen, add a tablespoon of liquid detergent.
  • Epsom Salts
    Pour a half a cup (125 ml) of anti-freeze into your four-litre bottle, followed by one cup (250 ml) of Epsom Salts and ½ a teaspoon (2,5 ml) of powder detergent. Fill the rest of the jug up with cool water before shaking thoroughly and pouring into your windscreen washer tank.
  • Vinegar
    This version of windscreen washer fluid is best suited to cooler climates, as higher temperatures can make this version of windscreen washer fluid spoil and emit an unpleasant smell. Pour equal parts vinegar and water into a container of your choice. Mix well and add to your car as needed.
  • Ammonia
    Add one part ammonia to three parts water (you can dilute the mixture more if necessary) and stir. Avoid using when temperatures are very low.

As you can see, making your own windscreen washer fluid is simple! Now you can ensure perfect vision whenever you start the engine.

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