Motor Warranty: Freedom to get on with Life

Published on: 07 May 2015

Do I really need Motor Warranty insurance?

A few things come close to the stress that comes with when your car’s manufacturer’s warranty expires, and as a result you end up spending a fortune on repairs. Mechanical breakdown failure can cost a small fortune – especially since it is usually something that you plan for or take into account when you budget for your car expenses.  

In today’s world, when something goes wrong it usually costs an arm and leg to get safely back on the road. Labour charges alone are costly not to mention the price of using genuine parts – that is why there is such a dire need for motor warranties.

Why do I need a motor warranty?

Even if you take care good care of your car, the chances are at some stage or another, you will experience your car breaking down. Sadly, most of us are often caught without the necessary funds to fix our cars, and this is where having a motor warranty comes in.

A motor warranty is insurance is a policy which covers the costs of specified mechanical problems as and when they happen. Some of the advantages of a motor warranty include:

  • Protection from costly mechanical repairs
  • Having your car fixed by a reputable mechanic, meaning that you don’t have to cut corners to save money, which can in turn improve the lifespan of your vehicle
  • Some Motor Warranty products doesn’t only cover for mechanical breakdown but reasonable wear and tear as well.

As with most insurance premiums, knowing that you are covered in the event of your car experiencing a mechanical breakdown allows you to focus your attention on the things that truly matter in life.