Share your way to urban mobility

With the increase of mobility solutions that are greener and cheaper in our urban areas, sharing a ride has fast become the "in thing" in South Africa. Not only is it convenient, it has freed many of us from bearing the traffic alone.

Having two or more people sharing a ride can certainly come with some benefits – here are a few:

  • Reduces traffic
    Getting more people in less cars with the aim of sharing a ride helps in reducing traffic congestion on the roads. This means having less cars on the road and as a result, less traffic jams.
  • Save up
    How about you share your travel costs with friends? Sharing a ride with friends or family allows you to save as you get to share the petrol bill with your riding mates.
  • Possible less stress
    Sharing a ride with others could help in the reduction of 'travel stress' as you share the costs and gain 'travel buddies' for those traffic jams. Depending on the arrangement, you may be able to sneak in some reading time, catch your breath and relax after a long day or even catch up on some quick tasks while commuting.
  • Time to mingle
    Sharing a ride gives you the perfect opportunity to mingle and connect with whoever you’re driving with. As the days get busier for most, using this time to catch up with loved ones could work in your favour and keep you connected with the world around you.

Whether you're sharing a ride with two or three others, ensure that you have comprehensive car insurance. If not, you can get an online quote and hit the road knowing that you are covered should something go wrong. Keep in mind that sharing a ride or forming a lift club with the sole intention of making a profit will work against you at claims stage as it will be seen as business use – keep it simple with shared benefits and not financial gain, while also ensuring that you are correctly covered. 

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