South Africa's favourite car brands

Published on: 20 April 2015

Before you start thinking about car insurance and paying off your instalments, you first need to decide which car is right for you. One way of doing so is to investigate which car brands are the most popular both locally and internationally…

Here is a short break down of a couple of South Africa’s favourite including SUVs, passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, family cars, luxury cars and sports cars.

South Africa’s Favourite SUVs

Toyota reigns supreme when it comes to the most trusted SUVs in the country. The Toyota Fortuner (known for its refined appearance, yet powerful engine) and the Toyota Prado are two of the most popular SUVs on the roads today. However, also worth a notable mention are the Ford Kuga, the Ford Ranger and the Renault Duster – all of which follow closely behind. The Renault Duster, with its convenient 1,5l diesel engine, in particular, offers some nifty new features without an exorbitant price tag.

South Africa’s Favourite Utility Vehicles

The Toyota Hilux has made waves worldwide since its release a few years ago. Although somewhat of a statement vehicle, the Hilux is a firm favourite for good reason. Offering fuel efficiency, advanced technology (including Bluetooth connectivity and audio streaming) and overall car performance standards that are second to none (it has earned itself a reputation for being practically ‘unbreakable’), the Toyota Hilux is certainly the most sought after utility vehicle in South Africa. However, the most prevalent utility vehicle on our roads is probably the classic Ford Bantam.

South Africa’s Favourite Passenger Vehicles

Toyota, Ford and Hyundai are reputable car brands offering a range of high quality passenger vehicles to the drivers of SA. These vehicles include the Toyota Yaris, the Ford Figo and the Hyundai Getz., to name but a few.

South Africa’s Favourite Family Cars

When you have a family to cart around from school to soccer/dance practice each day, investing in a sexy Lexus probably isn’t the best idea. However, needing a classic family car doesn’t mean that you have to forego all of the exciting gadgets and features that come with owning a luxury vehicle. South African favourites, like the BMW X5 (premium power and safety) and the Ford EcoSport (budget-friendly and the ideal size for a larger family), offer plenty of space and plenty of fun!  

South Africa’s Favourite Luxury Vehicles

BMW is well known for being the most popular luxury car brand in the country. The BMW 5 and 7 series are some of the best-loved versions in South Africa, perfect for making a statement and enjoying the ultimate in luxurious driving. Along with BMW, other popular luxury brands include Lexus, Volvo, Audi, Ferrari and Porsche.

South Africa’s Favourite Sports Vehicle

When it comes to sports vehicles, Audi is pretty far ahead in the popularity race. The Audi S3, in particular, with its super turbocharged engine and to-die-for interior, is quickly becoming the leading sports vehicle out there. Other popular sports cars in SA include the BMW M3, as well as the Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari options.

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