Tyres and trackers: Your pre-departure guide

Before hitting the road with your loved ones in tow, it's important to give your car a thorough once over - including paying attention to your tyres and your tracking devices. This could not only prove fundamental in the event of an accident but could also have a significant impact in the event of an insurance claim.

Here are a few of the things you should be looking out for before you set off on your well-deserved getaway:

Tyre checks:

  • Check for punctures, cuts and bulges, which could potentially increase your risk of a flat tyre at the most inopportune moment.
  • Areas of uneven wear and tear are a sure sign that your wheel alignment is out and needs to be checked.
  • Make sure that any missing valve caps are replaced, so as to prevent dirt from clogging valves, which could lead to a loss in air pressure.
  • Ensure the tread depth of your tyres is well above the minimum regulatory depth of 1.6mm to avoid the possibility of aquaplaning on wet roads and to ensure any potential insurance claim isn't compromised.
  • Regularly check your tyre pressure so as to maintain the overall health of your tyres.
  • Remember to apply the same checks to your spare tyre, ensuring it conforms to basic safety standards so as to avoid any potential risks in the event of a blowout or flat tyre.

Track down the right tracking device

  • Ensure that your tracking device is both in working order and that it corresponds to the requirements listed on your MiWay insurance policy. Should your policy require the installation of a certain type of tracking device, you could put any potential claims in jeopardy if you choose not to adhere to the stipulated parameters.
  • If you’re heading abroad this holiday season, check in with us beforehand. While some tracking companies offer cover for up to two months beyond the South African border, others are only valid within local territory. As such, make sure you’re well informed if you’ve got long-distance travels in the pipeline.
  • Choose a tracking device with forewarning and SOS capabilities. Via these specific tracking devices, we are able to send warning messages directly to your phone should you be entering a dangerous area and are also able to dispatch emergency services in the event that your car registers an impact, and you aren't able to respond to a subsequent emergency call.

Emergency situations can knock the wind out of your sails and burn a hole in your pocket, and the last thing you want to do when you're faced with an emergency is to worry about finding a service provider. The MiHelp team can assist with many roadside emergency situations, simply contact us via the MiWay App or call 08600 767 64.

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