What Your Car Says About Your Personality

A car is more than a means of transport. Think about the intimate relationship you have with your car: you wash it, maintain it through annual services, and seek out comprehensive car insurance to cover your expenses in the event of an incident. 

For many drivers, a car is an extension of themselves. Just like a pair of shoes, a bottle of perfume or the way you style your hair, the car you drive can offer insight into your personality before you utter a single word. If you've ever wondered what your car says about you, the driver, wonder no more. This is what the world commonly deduces about you from your choice of wheels:

Small Hatchback

If you're the proud driver of a small hatchback, it's safe to assume that you care about your impact on the environment. You're the type of person who takes the steps needed to reduce both your carbon footprint, and your parking footprint as much as possible. Most small hatchbacks are also fuel-efficient, which means you get a lot more mileage for your money. 


It's no surprise that sedans are popular among homemakers. The vehicle is the obvious choice for drivers who needs to fit a family (and their luggage) into one car. The owners are usually people who've come to value function over form. Sure, there are plenty of flashier sports cars on the market, but are they as childproof, fuel-efficient and pocket-friendly as a sedan?

Luxury Vehicle or SUV

This one is pretty simple. When you see someone cruising the freeway in a car that costs a tiny fortune, the message is clear - whoever's driving it has a lot of money to spare. When you've worked your fingers to the bone to create the life of your dreams, the first indicator of your hard-earned wealth is probably your car. The fruit of your blood, sweat and tears is visible for all to see when the sound of your engine purring announces your arrival.

Sports Car

One thing is the major deciding factor when a sports car lover wants to buy a set of wheels - speed. If you're the driver of a sports car, you can’t blame us for assuming you can't wait to hit the freeway to give your car a really good run! But that's not the only consideration you make. More often than not, the rims, spoiler, bumper and interior design are just as important, which is why sports car owners rarely stick with standard interior and exterior.

Whether you decide to name your car or not, whatever car you drive, the last thing you want to do is lose it to theft or an accident. Which is why it's in your best interests to get an online insurance quote, so you're prepared for the worst-case scenario. And remember, no car is necessarily better than another. It all depends on your preference. Driving whatever car you want boils down to a principle that makes life far more enjoyable -  living your way.

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