Simple Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen

For many of us, tackling a kitchen renovation sounds daunting – both financially and because of the amount of effort required. Thankfully, there are many ways to take on the challenge of a kitchen renovation in a way that sticks to your budget and meets your quality expectations. As the quote of Mr Nelson Mandela so famously states, “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Home improvements should be undertaken with a  plan and a budget, as well as a sense of fun. Here are a few reasons to consider a kitchen makeover and why your home may need one.

Reasons your home may need a kitchen transformation

  • One of the reasons for redoing a kitchen is to increase the value of your home. Kitchen renovations are a smart way to get the best return on investment in terms of home renovations. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home for appraisal purposes or solely to sell, kitchen remodelling is the way to go.
  • Another reason is that after living in a home, the average person will begin to long for a change. Because a lot of time is usually spent in the kitchen, remodelling that space is generally a great way to enhance your living quarters while making meal preparations a lot more fun.
  • Tupperware collector, are you? That brings us to our next reason that some homeowners may feel the need to renovate their kitchen. Enough cupboard space plays a big role in our everyday lives and ensures that everything stays neatly in place. Replacing those old outdated kitchen cupboards with modernised, smarter versions that provide more space is usually high on the priority list of long-term homeowners.
  • Kitchen upgrades that are energy-efficient and reduce electricity bills are also reasons many homeowners consider redoing their kitchens. Appliances that are solar energy-efficient is not only a great way to upgrade your kitchen and save money, but are also environmentally-friendly.
  • And last but not least, the most common reason for a kitchen overhaul is nothing other than plain old wear and tear. Nothing frustrates a proud homeowner more than missing kitchen cabinet doors or peeled off countertops. Tending to the urgent needs of your kitchen sooner rather than later can save you money in the long run.

Even small kitchen renovations cost money.

Here are some great and simple ideas that will upgrade your kitchen in no time while helping you stick to your strict budget.

Renovate your kitchen on a budget

Simple ideas to renovate your kitchen

  • Giving your kitchen a makeover doesn’t need to be costly. Start with something as simple as changing the colour of your kitchen cabinet doors. Be sure to do your research on the correct primers and paints to use before you begin. Not only will your kitchen cupboards look new, but the change of colour will add to the character of your home.
  • For a more modern kitchen and to make your kitchen space appear bigger, the open-shelved look is a great way to remodel your kitchen into a space where everything that you need is easily accessible.
  • A brightly or boldly coloured repainted kitchen wall works wonders on an open plan style kitchen. Not only does the added burst of colour create a statement, but the cost of good quality paint and great workmanship falls directly in line with your budget and your kitchen remodel cost.
  • Ah, the age-old lighting trick. Changing the lighting in the kitchen can do wonders for the ambience and atmosphere of the room and create a relaxing environment to prepare meals depending on the colour of the lighting. Another great idea is to use energy-efficient globes that draw less current and save on electricity bills.
  • If you’re health conscious, you might want to look into this kitchen renovation tip: install taps with a built-in water purification system at the kitchen sink. Not only will you be doing your kitchen justice by sprucing it up a bit, but your family will benefit from cleaner drinking water.
  • The kitchen is often a high-traffic area. Redoing your kitchen floor can instantly refresh the appearance of the room. A wooden floor will make the kitchen cosier, while large white ceramic tiles can open up the room and make it appear more spacious. Both options can be cost-effective and should be done by a trained professional.
  • So, you’ve just painted the kitchen wall and want to add a finishing touch to the startling white-walled backdrop? A pan rack not only serves as an eye-catching accessory but provides the convenience of having your cooking utensils close at hand. Not only is this a nifty and stylish mini kitchen face-lift, but it also won’t cost the earth.
  • A quick and simple way to a mini kitchen makeover is to update your outdated window frames with something more modern. Wooden window frames provide an immediate lift to the room's appearance and can be accessorised with wooden cooking utensils and wooden spice racks. Another great way to instantly renovate your kitchen is to install blinds or window shutters. Not only are they easy to clean, but they come in a variety of funky colours and can be accessorised with kitchen utensils that match.
  • Another easy and relatively simple way to give your kitchen a makeover is to change your kitchen cupboard door and draw handles. It’s a smart way to make some home improvements without digging too deeply into your savings pocket. Plus, kitchen door handles come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to accessorise your kitchen to match your funky taste and style.
  • When it comes to kitchen remodelling, it can be a tad challenging to stay within the assigned budget. One way to revamp while staying in budget is to cover your kitchen countertops with wallpaper to complement the kitchen itself. Use your wall colour and kitchen accessories as a guide to choose the perfect colour and pattern choose from wallpaper mimicking stone to marble finishes. Your kitchen countertops have never looked so good!
  • Let’s face it, the refrigerator can only hold so many magnets with little reminders and kid’s school timetables. Well, no problemo, a kitchen chalk wall is not only a cool kitchen renovation idea but is also creative. A chalk wall does not necessarily have to be an entire wall and can be done in even the smallest of kitchen spaces. It’s a great way to leave daily reminders for family members or to scribble a motivational quote for the day. Boom! A kitchen makeover on a budget!
  • Kitchen upgrades do not necessarily have to mean redoing your entire kitchen. Small upgrades like buying new kitchen stools can do wonders to improve the room's appearance. Because a kitchen stool is something we sit on regularly, comfort is the primary goal! If your old kitchen stools are still in good condition, then recovering them is another stylish option.

And there you have it, in black and white, the simple ideas that will renovate your kitchen in line with your budget and time constraints.

However, knowing what the benefits are to renovating your kitchen, even small kitchen renovations are a good place to start in your journey to transform your kitchen. Here are a few benefits of kitchen renovations that you need to know before putting that budget together.

The long-term benefits of kitchen renovations

The long-term benefits of kitchen renovations

  1. Smart kitchen renovations can help save costs on water and electricity and save you money in the long run while contributing positively to the environment.
  2. Homeowners looking to sell their homes or simply increase their value can benefit from kitchen renovations as the return on investment is good.
  3. Not only does your kitchen end up looking great, but doing a kitchen renovation can also mean that your family might end up spending more time together. Add smart appliances which decrease cooking time, and you’ve arrived at a win for everyone!
  4. With the ever-growing presence of online shopping, acquiring new crockery, accessories and cooking utensils has become easier than ever. One of the long-term benefits of a kitchen makeover is that you can end up with more storage space by installing smart shelves, draws and racks to hold your treasure trove.
  5. Increased safety in the kitchen area, especially if there are older people or small children in the home, is another benefit as it allows parents or caregivers the peace of mind they deserve.

Short-term benefits of kitchen renovations

  1. Get the appealing kitchen you want by adding funky wallpaper, eye-catching paint or beautiful floors.
  2. It is most people’s pet peeve to deal with a messy kitchen, and by messy, we hardly mean the dishes. A kitchen renovation will allow you to properly clean and declutter your kitchen by getting rid of unwanted junk.

The benefits of a kitchen renovation are many. Investing in your home to do the necessary home improvements is one way of looking after and maintaining one of your greatest assets, which is your home. Planning for kitchen renovations, even small kitchen renovations, must be done with consideration for finances and time constraints.

Outlining a budget beforehand is a good idea, but perhaps there is an easier way to meet your outlined budget? Planning a budget may seem like a good idea in the grand scheme of a kitchen renovation. But, sticking to a budget and being at the mercy of unforeseen kitchen remodel costs can throw you a financial curveball. Getting quotes ahead of time and then planning accordingly can save you many hours and lots of money in the long run.

Here are a few more tips on how to stick to your kitchen renovation budget.

Tips for sticking to your budget when remodelling your kitchen

  • Expect the unexpected. Set aside a percentage for unforeseen costs that both you and your partner are comfortable with. This will ensure that your budget has made provision for additional costs and will keep you from dipping into your savings or acquiring debt.
  • Make sure to outline the priorities of your kitchen makeover and budget accordingly. List your priorities either regarding how much they will cost to what your immediate needs are and budget for those.
  • Do not over-commit to what you are capable of financially planning for. Stick to materials that you can afford and invest in DIY yourself kits for smaller kitchen renovation jobs that you can do yourself.
  • Keep track of your expenses on a spreadsheet to avoid overspending. A spreadsheet of tracked expenses will allow you to keep a hold of your finances and correct any budgeting mistakes along the way.
  • Breakdown the cost of each kitchen renovation, including the labour cost, depending on who is doing the job. This will allow you to assign the funds in your budget accurately.
  • Avoid last-minute kitchen renovation changes. This will only throw your budget out and create financial snags throughout the kitchen renovation process. Be sure about what you want, how you want it, and the colour you want before proceeding to set aside finances.
  • And last but not least, sticking to your budget is largely research-dependant. Know your suppliers, their cost, and whether or not they provide additional services such as installation. Compare online quotations from different stores and outlets and check out the quality of each product by reading up on reviews. Once you are sure of your financial obligations for your kitchen makeover, you can commit to allocating the finances in a detailed budget and stick to it.

Renovating your kitchen on a budget can be done with the right amount of discipline and financial know-how. Having fun together as a family in the planning phase is as important as it is when finally executing the plan. Making sure that you can be care-free in the financial planning for your home improvements is as important as the home improvement itself. Comparing online insurance quotes before undertaking any renovations is not only important, but it is also financially sound advice. A comprehensive home insurance package will ensure that your kitchen upgrades are financially covered in the event of damage, theft, or fire.

Setting aside the time for home improvements is a commendable trait in a homeowner and shows character and pride, not only in the home but in the person who resides there. In these tough financial times, it is not easy to set aside the finances for even a small kitchen renovation. But, with these simple ideas and great advice on how to stick to your budget, it is entirely possible.

And there you have it, simple ideas that will renovate your kitchen, lift the spirits in your home, make mealtimes fun and align with your budget. Why? Because at MiWay we believe in providing sound financial solutions and comprehensive insurance cover that allows you to live your way! Make sure you have comprehensive home insurance to ensure that your beautiful new kitchen is protected.

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