Tips to burglar-proof your home

Unfortunately, crime and house burglaries are a reality in South Africa. Safety experts agree that the best way to deal with crime in the home is to take every step possible to prevent it from happening to you. Every person should know - at the very least - these basic yet important home security tips that will keep you, your family, and your home more safe and secure.

Read through the tips and advice on how to deter criminals from breaking into your home.

Burglars will most likely approach from outside your home, therefore it’s important to look at your house from the exterior:

  • Have adequate exterior lighting. A motion-sensitive light is recommended for backyards and driveways.
  • Trim trees and shrubs so that they cannot be used as hiding places for intruders.
  • Make sure your exterior door hinges are on the inside. Hinges visible from the outside may allow burglars to tap the hinge pins up and out, and lift the door off its hinges, removing the door without unlocking it.

While we're on the topic of doors:

  • Keep your garage and shed doors closed and locked.
  • Check the locks on your doors and windows and, if necessary, replace them with more secure devices. Avoid locking yourself outside!
  • When moving into a new home, or if your house keys are lost or stolen, have all locks changed.

Leaving your house unoccupied? Be sure to:

  • Lock all outside doors and windows before you leave the house (even for a short time) and also before you go to bed.
  • Leave some lights on when you go out. If you are going to be away overnight, connect some lamps to automatic timers to turn them on in the evening and off during the day.
  • Arrange for your lawn to be mowed if you are going away for an extended time.
  • Lawnmowers, portable barbecues and bicycles are best stored out of sight – such as in a shed.
  • Activate your alarm system.  Alarm systems are only useful when you remember to activate them!
  • Don't allow daily deliveries of mail, newspapers or flyers to build up while you are away. Arrange with the Post Office to hold your mail, or arrange for a friend or neighbour to collect your post regularly.

Remember to arrange for extended theft cover on your home contents insurance if you are going to leave your home unoccupied for more than 60 days.

If you are unsure about whether you have adequate home contents cover, feel free to discuss it with us!

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