What to expect from a home cleansing ritual

Do you already engage in home cleansing rituals in accordance to your belief system, or are you simply curious about the different types of rituals that are performed around the world? Whatever your reason for clicking on this article, be sure to take a look at what you can expect if you ever find yourself in participation of a home cleansing ritual:

What is a home cleansing ritual?

A home cleansing ritual is a practice by which believers either banish or forbid negative energies, evil spirits or harmful entities from entering a home. These practices take many shapes and forms, which are dictated by the religious or cultural customs of the individual in question.

Who performs these rituals?

Home cleansing rituals are often performed by a variety of different cultures and religious groups, and only occur at the request of the homeowner. The ritual is conducted by a spiritually knowledgeable and prepared individual – usually a traditional healer, priest or shaman.

Different denominations perform different rituals in accordance with their own belief guidelines and often involve the use of holy or spiritual tools.. Traditional African cultures have rituals unique to them for when someone moves into a new home, and healers may make use of herbs, bones or other natural properties. Christians may make use of holy water and/or incense. Buddhists, Muslims  and Hindi groups also have unique and individual practices that are performed.

Important to know

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