Are You Driving with the Wrong Sunglasses?

Are You Driving with the Wrong Sunglasses?

It’s easy to pick a pair of sunglasses based purely on how good they look on you.  However, if you are going to buy a specific pair for driving, it is important to pick a pair that not only protects your eyes from UV rays but also enhances your driving experience.

To the driver, sunglasses are more just an accessory. Extreme brightness and distracting reflections can impair visibility and be the cause of a freak accident. If you have the windows down, wind and dust are additional distractions to deal with.

Lens colour

  • Lenses of different colours affect how much visible light is able to reach the eyes - and how well a person can see certain colours. This is why choosing the wrong coloured lenses can negatively impact how well a driver can see road signs and traffic lights, and spot potential hazards.
  • Research shows that pink, blue, and green lenses should generally not be worn while driving as they can make red lights indistinguishable.
  • Grey and brown lenses are more suitable for driving as they are colour-neutral, meaning they do not alter how colours appear when worn.  Some sunglasses that are specifically designed for driving also feature yellow and amber-toned lenses, which can help to enhance contrast and definition.


Polarised sunglasses are a popular choice for drivers because they significantly reduce the glare caused by light reflecting off of wet surfaces. Glare can put incredible strain on the eyes and be very distracting. Many find polarised lenses are ideal for driving in hazy and foggy conditions too, because they enhance and sharpen details.

Protect your eyes

Remember to have your eyes checked every two years to find out whether you need prescription lenses for your sunglasses. Discuss the options for sun and glare protection with your optometrist.

Lastly…always keep a spare pair of driving sunglasses in the car.

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