Friendly neighbour alert: Are you that neighbour?

Living in a bubble has become more common and ‘normal’ than before. Many of us probably only know our neighbour’s faces and not so much their second names – especially if you live in apartment complexes or estates.

Getting to know your neighbour may sound like a social nightmare to those of us who prefer to keep to ourselves, but that ‘nosy’ neighbour could save you and your family from a sticky situation…

Here’s why being ‘that neighbour’ could work in your favour:

  • An extra pair of eyes to keep you in the know. Safety first! One of the most important reasons to get to know others in your community is for your own safety. Nosy neighbours can be annoying, but they can also come in handy. They will always be ready to alert you of strange happenings or individuals lurking around your home. If you don’t already have a neighbourhood WhatsApp group, consider starting one up!
  • A helping hand when you need it most. Smile, help is at arms-length. Whether it’s borrowing an ingredient you just suddenly noticed is missing for your meal, or the right size screw driver to fix your falling shelf. Being friendly with your neighbours could very well save you an impromptu trip to the shop.
  • Make the circle bigger. Whether you have kids or not, being friendly with your neighbours could help you build a lifelong friendship you never expected to have. Organise playdates for your kids (if you have) or socials for the adults in your community and watch your circle get bigger and your braais more fun!
  • Secret security when it matters most. For the times when you have to be away from your home for long periods, having good relations with your neighbour will be a bonus. They can help keep an eye on your property, water your plants, feed your pets, etc. No need to stress about who to call when the alarm goes off and you’re at the beach – Bob’s got your back!

Forget the old saying about being cordial with your neighbours – go out there and mingle! Not only will your home and family have someone extra watching over them, you may just find yourself that workout partner you’ve been looking for. For added piece of mind, make sure that your home insurance policy is up to date.

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